General Regulations


  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct by drivers will not be tolerated. An appropriate penalty will be issued.
  2. Verbal or physical abuse of anyone will not be tolerated. Minimum suspension of one (1) week to be decided by the program director.
  3. Drive legally and considerately while in Monroe. The Sheriffs and public are watching.

Disciplinary Action

The program Director and Speedway management shall have the authority to assign disciplinary action for breech of rules or any action deemed harmful to the program or Speedway.

Disciplinary actions include but are not limited to:

  • Verbal or written reprimand
  • Suspension from participating for a specified duration
  • Loss of series championship points
  • Loss of series payout and / or prizes

Pit and Site Rules

  1. Every vehicle driving in the event must have a fire extinguisher readily accessible and in plain sight located in the driver's pit spot for the duration of the event. Cars without a trailer must have minimum of one 5lb extinguisher. Cars with a trailer must have one 10lb or two 5lb extinguishers. The extinguishers must be fully charged and should be rated 2A:10B:C or 10B:C at minimum. You must have your extinguisher(s) with you at tech inspection for verification.
  2. No loud noises before 11am on Sunday events. Loud engines may not be fired or run at high RPM before 11am.
  3. Pit Speed limit is 10 mph. Vehicle speed shall be at a walking pace in congested areas. Speeding violations are subject to removal from the pits without refund.
  4. Drive 10mph or less on the gravel campground roads on the way to the registration shack to keep dust down and avoid complaints from the RV tenants.
  5. Areas such as the course, start line, and grid are off limits for spectating. Access to these 'hot' areas are to be limited to minimum number of personnel appropriate for the area.
  6. No personnel may enter a "hot" course without approval from course control.  
  7. No riding on trailers, racecars, or tow vehicles.
  8. Burnouts/aggressive driving is prohibited off the track.
  9. No open toed shoes (sandals, flip-flops, etc.) are allowed to be worn in the pit area. All drivers, passengers, mechanics working on cars, media, and staff working on track, in tech, in grid, or staging must have full length pants.
  10. Refueling of cars is prohibited in the Pre-Grid, Grid or Start areas, or as otherwise specified. Fueling is only allowed in designated fueling areas as assigned by the event director, or in the team paddock space. Extreme caution should be taken when refueling a car that has not completely cooled. When refueling, there can be only two people within a ten (10) foot radius of the re-fueling activity. Re-fueling must not be done under a canopy or in an enclosed space. One person must have a 5lb or larger fire extinguisher in hand for the duration of the re-fueling process. Violations of this rule are subject to removals from the premises without refund at the discretion of the event director. 

  11. Anyone injured at the Speedway must check in with our medical staff before leaving the grounds to seek medical treatment. If you don’t feel well after leaving the racetrack, consult your physician immediately!!

  12. No obscene messages or images are allowed on vehicles in the pit area or on track. Objectionable material must be removed or covered.
  13. All drivers must attend the drivers meeting – no exceptions!
  14. No glass containers. no alcohol. no drugs. no weapons.
  15. All repairs are to be made in the pit area or in the designated grid area during competitions.
  16. At the end of the event make sure all your trash is thrown away and your pit space clean. Dumping of fluids or tires is strictly prohibited. Please help us keep the track clean!
  17. No motorcycles, motorized scooters, carts, or bicycles allowed. ATV’s have a separate rules contract and permission form. This is a privilege. Treat it as such.

  18. No barbecues or open flame containers for cooking.
  19. No pets allowed at the Speedway.
  20. Evergreen Speedway reserves the right to remove anyone from the pit area without refund for individuals who continue to act in a manner that endangers the safety of others after receiving a warning.

Course Rules

  1. All driving is first come first served. Late arrivals will not be given any special treatment or extra runs.
  2. Know the course and drive it properly – failure to do so may result in collisions.
  3. Never drive backwards on the course for any reason.
  4. If you spin, regain traction and complete the course as quickly as possible. After the second spin clear the course quickly without drifting to prevent holding up the driver behind you.
  5. Prepare in advance and be 100% ready to go when you are called to the line. All occupants must have helmets on and seat belts fastened before leaving staging, grid, or the start line.
  6. Do not exit the car while on track unless instructed by an official or the car is on fire or rolled over.
  7. If you are stalled on course and need assistance use a waiving motion inside the vehicle cabin to signal to the corner workers so they know it is safe to approach.
  8. Testing to verify car function is only allowed in the designated area. The driver must contact an Evergreen Drift official for approval. The official must have a radio, request permission from race control, and serve as a lookout outside of the car during the entire test session.
  9. Tire warm up burnouts may only be done in the approved area in grid during your run group. Ask the grid official for direction prior to doing a burnout anywhere other than at the start line when you are next in line to run.
  10. If you are not at the start line or taking a run on course the pit speed limit applies. Any driver who breaks traction or drifts on the way from staging to grid must be put in the penalty box and will loose the first run of that run group. Repeat offenders will be subject to removal from the pits without refund.
  11. If a car is found to be leaking fluids the car is required to immediately proceed to the pits to fix the leak in a manner that will spill the least amount of fluids on the track surface. The leak must be repaired and a tech official must inspect the repair and verify the leak is fixed before the car can be let back on the track. Any runs missed due to a fluid leak cannot be re-run and the driver must return to the current rotation for their run group.
  12. Hatch backs must not come open at any time during a run. If any doors, hoods, or hatches come open during a run the issue must be fixed prior to taking the another run.
  13. All occupants are required to keep all body parts inside the vehicle while it is moving.
  14. Windows must be all the way up or all the way down. Passenger windows must be all the way up when a passenger is in the seat.
  15. If you crash you must be cleared to drive by the EMT and your car pass Tech Inspection before resuming driving.
  16. When exiting the course do not drift after the finish line and slow to pit speed before re-entering grid.

Hot Lap Rules

Due to increased speeds and potential proximity to other cars on course the following rules apply to Hot Lap course sessions.

Hot Lapping allows drivers to reach higher speeds at which increase the risk and severity of collision if you lose control.

  1. First time Hot Lap drivers will be required to take evaluation runs on the 3/8ths competition course to verify ability to safely navigate the Hot Lap course. Drivers must be able to run high scoring competition quality runs at speed consistently without spinning to be eligible for the Hot Lap run group.
  2. Pair yourself up in grid with similar skilled drivers to minimize issues with overtaking a slower driver or being overtaken by a faster driver. 
  3. Drivers without a roll cage must maintain a minimum distance of 5 car lengths between the vehicle ahead giving enough room to stop for the speed at which they are traveling.
  4. Passing and overtaking a driver who has spun or is off course shall be done with caution. The lead driver must stop drifting, reduced to a safe speed, and provide room for a safe overtake. The lead driver shall give a point by indicating which side they wish another car to overtake them on. 
  5. Obey all flag signals. It is the driver's responsibility to visually check each flag station as they navigate the course. Failure to obey flag signals, particularly a red flag, will result in a warning the first time, and on the second offense the chief steward may decided to change the driver to the competition course run group.  
  6. Keep count of your laps and exit at the correct time. Extra laps will result in a warning the first time, and on the second offense the chief steward may decided to change the driver to the competition course run group. 
  7. Hot Lap drivers may switch between competition course and Hot Lap run groups. The driver must not take extra runs and only do one course or the other for a given cycle of run groups.

The first failure to observe these rules will result in a warning. On the second violation the driver will be removed from the Hot Lap course and must continue the rest of the event on the Competition course.

Flag Signals

Several flags are employed to give drivers notice of course conditions. It is the drivers responsibility to know where the flag stations are prior to taking a run and to check the stations during the run and obey all signals.

The first failure to observe flag signals will result in a warning. Further failure to observe flags will result in suspension, change in run groups, or removal from event without refund.

  • Green - Go! Session is started or you are clear to proceed after a red flag course stop.
  • Yellow - Caution, hazardous condition ahead. Drifting is allowed but slow down, look ahead, and be prepared to stop quickly.
  • Red / Orange - Full course stop. A dangerous condition exists and all drivers must come to a complete stop off line on the inside of the track as quickly as possible. Say stopped until directed to proceed by a track official.
  • Black - Furled and pointed at driver = Warning. You'll usually know what you did wrong but if you don't take it easy and drive under control.
  • Black - Waiving = Use for rules violation. Proceed to the course exit and see the nearest official for explanation.
  • Meatball (Black with Orange Spot) = There is a mechanical issue with your car. Stop drifting and proceed off line to the course exit. If you can tell you are leaking fluid on the track stop in a safe place off line and wait for assistance.
  • White - One lap left in session.
  • Checker - Final lap in session complete. Proceed to course exit.