Attention Drift / Motorsport enthusiasts.... Evergreen Drift needs a few good people to help out with operations throughout the season! We are looking for volunteers to help out in various positions before, during and after every Evergreen Drift event.

Check the duties listed below and if there is something you think you would be good at, and you happen to have some free time this season, please let us know!

To apply to volunteer contact us prior to the event to sign up by emailing drift[at]evergreendrift.com. If we don't have any positions open we'll keep your contact and you can check in before the next event.

Note for Minors: Due to insurance rules the minimum age for a volunteer is 16.

Positions Available:

Crowd Control- People who end up here will be stationed at the pit/track border, and in the start/finish area. Basic duty will be to keep spectators from wandering onto the track. You may also be asked to help with any track setup/cleanup that will happen before and after the event, staging, starting, or gate control.

Pit Gate Control- Duties are similar to crowd control except everyone who enters the pit gates must be checked and verified that they have the proper pit bracelet on. This position must be manned at all times during the event. This is an extremely critical job because if if anyone who didn't sign the waiver gets hurt in the pit area we will likely never be able to drift at Evergreen again! Again you will be asked to help with setup/clean up both before and after the event. Workers will rotate between gates and crowd control so you get a chance to be close to the action and not get bored.

Flagger- This is a real 'working' position. You are in the middle of the action. Basic duties include cone chasing, accidents response assistance, fire extinguisher use if needed, helping with car recovery, and general control of cars on the hot track. You will also be asked to observe for 'issues' cars on track are having (leaking fluid, hands out the windows, sparks, ect.). Another task is keeping those media folks from endangering themselves for an awesome shot. We would like to have two people on each turn station and two alternates in case anyone needs a break or if we have a turn station on the 5/8's bank.

Volunteers will be compensated for their work by:

  • Free admittance to the event or discounted driver's entry
  • Evergreen Drift merchandise at cost
  • Volunteers that commit to multiple events will receive an exclusive Evergreen Drift Staff shirt.

If you decide to volunteer you must arrive no later than 9:30am and must be on the pre-registered volunteer list to be eligible for the free pit pass. Volunteers are the first to get in and the last to leave. You will also be expected to be available during the entire event for anything we need you to do to earn your pit pass.

This is an exciting way to spend a Sunday afternoon and help out your fellow drift friends. These positions need to be filled RAIN OR SHINE and if you sign up for an event we are counting on you to show up. Be sure to inform us as soon as possible if there is a change of plans.

Thank you to all our hardworking volunteers! We can't drift without you.