Track Information


Evergreen Speedway is an automobile racetrack located within the confines of the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington. The stadium can accommodate up to 7500 spectators in the covered grandstand and an additional 7500 in the uncovered modular grandstands. The layout of the track is unique in that it incorporates a 5/8-mile paved outer oval, a 3/8-mile paved inner oval, a 1/5-mile paved inner oval, a 1/8-mile dragstrip, and a figure-eight track located roughly within the 1/5-mile oval.

Evergreen Drift includes both the 3/8ths and 5/8ths paved banks on the track layout. The Formula DRIFT layout is one of the fastest oval course on the circuit. On the 5/8ths bank, drivers hit speeds north of 90mph. Off the 5/8ths, the layout continues infield into a hard breaking zone. The transition is a left hand turn to a sharp low speed hairpin turn.

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  • Blue '"P" Icons are grandstand spectator parking
  • Blue Path is the normal Pit Back Gate known as the "North" or "RV" gate.
  • Yellow Path is the alternate Pit Back Gate used for special cases known as the "South". This gate is not normally used unless specified in the event posting .
  • Note: Speed limit on gravel is 10mph. Go slow and keep the RV campers happy!
  • Note: Parking and pit gate locations can change for special events so check the event post for updates.

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