Are you a fan of drifting? Do you like fast cars, revving engines, and all around automotive insanity?

Then come out and watch the best drivers in the Northwest rip up the Evergreen Drift track!

There are several options depending on the event type.


  • Available at every drift event.
  • $10 and children under 6 are free!
  • People under 16 are limited to grandstand area for safety.
  • Great view of the whole track and commentary from our announcers.
  • See what the judges see and cheer on the drivers.
  • For most events the action starts at 11am and doesn't end until 5pm. Stop by anytime.
  • Park in the main fair parking area off of 179th Ave SE. Location Information

Pit Pass

  • $15 per person
  • ¬†Directions to pit entrance.
  • Must be at least 16 years old.
    • Minors must have their parent or guardian sign the Minor waiver¬† The form can be signed in person on the day of the event or contact the Speedway office to get information on how to fill out the waiver prior to the event.
  • Hang out with the drivers and staff track side.
  • Open-toed footwear is not allowed in the pits.
  • All drivers, volunteers, and people working on cars or standing in grid must wear full length pants. Shorts are allowed in pits providing you are not participating in one of the above activities.
  • Pets are not allowed in the pits.
  • Bring a DOT or SNELL (M, K, or SA certified 95 or newer) helmet and wear pants and shoes to ride shotgun on the 3/8th course! (No ride alongs on 5/8th course)
  • Maximum pit speed is 10 mph. If you are going faster than a walking pace you are going too fast!
  • Please read the rules and registration page for more details. The pit is a hazardous place and these links will tell you what you need to know to stay safe. For your safety, violation of the pit rules will result in being escorted out of the pit area without refund.

No matter where you end up you'll be treated to smokesational drifting action all day long!

Check the schedule and come out and join us at the next event.

To get a idea of what you'll experience watch this video by Justin Shreeve!

See you at the track and cheer loud!