Evergreen Drift Media Application & General Rules

General rules:

  1. Your media app is for all of 2015, but not Formula D, or the EVD Pro-Am round at Formula D. You'll need to register with Formula D for access to their event.
  2. Please make sure that the “Website URL” link you provide to your work contains samples that we can review. They don’t have to be of drifting, but we need to make sure you have semi-professional equipment and knowledge of photography. We do not let anyone onto the track, and to be able to provide you with credentials we’ll need to see a sample of your work. Please do not link to forums.
  3. Your credentials can be suspended or revoked at any time if any of the below rules are broken.
  4. Long pants and close toed shoes are required on track and in the pits at all times.


In return for a media pass entry and on-track access, we ask that you abide by the following rules in order to keep the program safe and successful:


  1. Valid 2015 Evergreen Drift Media Pass MUST Be displayed at all times while on site.
  2. You are required to attend the Media Meeting BEFORE the track goes hot (Usually happens around the same time as the drivers meeting, 30 minutes after the gates open). Failure to attend this meeting will result in no track access for the day
  3. A wall or concrete barrier must be between you and the cars at all times. Tractor tires are not heavy enough to stop a car.
  4. Wear closed-toed shoes and long pants. No shorts or sandals are allowed on-track or in the pits.
  5. Stay off the area between the 3/8ths and 5/8ths unless accompanied by a track worker with a radio. This area is generally closed with the exception of Pro-Am events where the 3/8ths isn’t in use.
  6. Never cross the track unless you have been cleared to do so by a corner worker, or an official. We ask media to time their movements to not delay the on track action. Usually the best time to ask to cross is during a run-group change. When in doubt, ask a staff member!
  7. Do not approach on-track wrecks, ever. Emergency personnel are moving to and from accidents and we need anyone non-essential to the driver(s) well-being out of the way.
  8. Be smart. Don’t do anything stupid or careless that would put you, your fellow photographers, a driver, or a track worker at risk.
  9. Last but most importantly, always listen to track officials! Failure to do as they say will result in your media credentials being suspended or revoked.


  1. Upload of content is required within one-week of the event. We will be checking your registered website regularly throughout the year.
  2. For competition events coverage of the opening ceremonies and podium is mandatory and posting media from theses ceremonies is required.
  3. For events with car shows, coverage of the cars in the shows is required.
  4. Give equal coverage to all drivers in the photos you post online.



  • Open registration for 2015 is now open. If you would like to attend as media, please send an email to with your name and website/blog where a sample of your work can be viewed.