Winter Drift

Saturday, January 23, 2016
"Drift What You Drive" Open Drift - This event is open to all drivers and skill levels. Running Rain or Shine. We'll be running from 11AM-9PM. Whether you are a ProAm competitor, Grassroots or just someone looking to slay tires this event is for you. BONUS! + Hot Laps for Caged/Tandem Legal Cars!!!
This is a non competition day. We'll be running from 11AM-9PM.
Multiple Courses including the Technical Course
•Volunteers Welcome - Contact & 
•All Access Pass - $15 (16+ and minors must have parent / guardian fill out waiver)
•Grandstands FREE.
•Open Drift Driver Entry $50
•There's currently no cap or pre-registration!
Open Drift Schedule + Hot Lap Runs TBA
8:30 a.m. Registration Opens
9:00 a.m. Back Gate Opens - Tech Inspection Opens
10:30 a.m. Pit/Drivers Meeting & Media Meeting
11:00 a.m. Group A 3/8 | Group B Technical | Group T Pits
Noon Group A Technical | Group B Pits | Group T 3/8 
1:00 p.m. Group A Pits | Group B 3/8 | Group T Technical
2:00 p.m. Group A Cageless Tandem | Group B Technical | Group T Pits
3:00 p.m. Group A Technical | Group B Pits | Group T Cageless Tandem
4:00 p.m. Group A Pits | Group B Cageless Tandem | Group T Technical
5:00 p.m. Technical open to all run groups.
9:00 p.m. Event Ends
See the Information link for additional details.
•Media Instructions and Policy -
•Volunteer Instructions – Message us -
•Track Location and Information -
Rules - Everyone in the pit area is subject to Evergreen Drift Rules.
•Pit Rules < Applies to drivers and pit pass holders. -
•Reminders -◦All drivers must have a 5lb or larger Pit Fire extinguisher visible in their pit space at all times during the event. In car extinguishers are not required on the 3/8th but are for ProAm on the 5/8ths. Bring your extinguisher to tech to pass!
◦Engines may not be revved or loud motors fired prior to 11am.
Hot Lap Rules (Caged/Tandem Legal Cars Only)
Due to increased speeds and potential proximity to other cars on course the following rules apply to Hot Lap course sessions.
Hot Lapping allows drivers to reach higher speeds at which increase the risk and severity of collision if you lose control.
First time Hot Lap drivers will be required to take evaluation runs on the 3/8ths competition course to verify ability to safely navigate the Hot Lap course.
Drivers must be able to run high scoring competition quality runs at speed consistently without spinning to be eligible for the Hot Lap run group.
Pair yourself up in grid with similar skilled drivers to minimize issues with overtaking a slower driver or being overtaken by a faster driver. 
Passing and overtaking a driver who has spun or is off course shall be done with caution. The lead driver must stop drifting, reduced to a safe speed, and provide room for a safe overtake. The lead driver shall give a point by indicating which side they wish another car to overtake them on.
Obey all flag signals. It is the driver's responsibility to visually check each flag station as they navigate the course. Failure to obey flag signals, particularly a red flag, will result in a warning the first time, and on the second offense the chief steward may decided to change the driver to the competition course run group.
Keep count of your laps and exit at the correct time. Extra laps will result in a warning the first time, and on the second offense the chief steward may decided to change the driver to the competition course run group. 
Hot Lap drivers may switch between competition course and Hot Lap run groups. The driver must not take extra runs and only do one course or the other for a given cycle of run groups.
The first failure to observe these rules will result in a warning. On the second violation the driver will be removed from the Hot Lap course and must continue the rest of the event on the regular course.
Note: Speed Limit is 10mph on county property!
Absolutely no drifting in the Gravel Parking Lot behind the speedway or any surrounding property. If we discover you causing damage we will ban you from future events.
Evergreen Drift at Evergreen Speedway
14405 179th Ave SE, Monroe, Washington 98272 | kevin{at} | #evergreendrift | @WAStateNASCAR