EVD Drift School & Open Drift

Sunday, February 15, 2015
Drift School & Open Drift
Sunday February 15
Open Drift does not require registration. Just show up!
Drift School schedule is as follows:
9:00 am – Back Gate Opens
10:00 am – Tech Inspection
11:00 am – Class Bell rings
3:00 pm – Class ends at 3:00
*** Times Subject to Change ***
We are Targeting NEW DRIFTERS. You're welcome to join us if you've driven here before. However please be open to instructor criticism and direction.
Registration guarantees a spot. If you are not preregistered it will be first come first serve the day of the event.
Click on the link below to Register for the School.
•Grandstands - Free! Share with your Friends!
•Pit Pass - $15
•In Track VIP Parking $20 (Includes a Pit Pass)
•Drift School - $70 (9am-3pm)
•Open Drift - $50 (3pm-6pm)
•Drift School & Open Drift combo: $100 ($20 Savings for 7 hours of Drifting!)
Drift What Your Drive! All drivers and skill levels are welcome. Whether you are a Pro Am competitor, Grassroots or just someone looking to make smoke and get sideways this event is made for you. This is a non-competition event.
Instructors Wanted! Will receive free entry into the Open Drift Session. Limited space for instructors available. Please message Lupe at lupe@evergreenspeedway.com
See the Information link for additional details.
•Media Instructions and Policy - http://evergreendrift.com/information/media
•Volunteer Instructions – Message us - http://evergreendrift.com/information/volunteers
•Track Location and Information - http://evergreendrift.com/information/track
Rules - Everyone in the pit area is subject to Evergreen Drift Rules.
•Pit Rules < Applies to drivers and pit pass holders. - http://evergreendrift.com/rules/general-regulations
•Reminders -◦All drivers must have a 5lb or larger Pit Fire extinguisher visible in their pit space at all times during the event. In car extinguishers are not required on the 3/8th but are for ProAm on the 5/8ths. Bring your extinguisher to tech to pass!
◦Engines may not be revved or loud motors fired prior to 11am.
Note: Speed Limit is 10mph on county propery!
Absolutely no drifting in the Gravel Parking Lot behind the speedway or any surrounding property. If we discover you causing damage we will ban you from future events.
Evergreen Drift at Evergreen Speedway
14405 179th Ave SE, Monroe, Washington 98272