September 2013




NwMotiv and Diversity Law Present the InMotion Car show and Drift Event.  This Stellar day of festivities returns for its second year; and it’s sure to be an end of the year spectacle!  This events combines all aspects of the automotive culture with action both on-track and off.  A car show set inside the beautiful arena sets the hardparking and “stanced out” scene as the sun drops, while next door and on track, the tire smoke will be pillowing and engines will be roaring during the Evergreen Drift Competition.






NwMotiv – Made in the Rain-  represents the Northwest car culture and has an inside perspective on events all around the sound throughout the year.  NwMotiv is a proud partner with EVD for this event and we thank them for all the hard work they have done to promote us.





Diversity Law returns as a supporter for this Event.  Phil Su of Diversity Law has not only been a huge supporter of the program here, but have also been helping local drivers as the number one traffic lawyer in the State of Washington. Fighting misdemeanors including but not limited to: DUI/DWI, Reckless Driving, Racing, Reckless Endangerment, and many more.  Check them out over at We hope you don’t, but you just might need his help one day.





Last year, the drifting competition was reserved for pro-am 5/8ths drivers only.  We’ve decided to open up the field to more drivers and will be featuring a lot more local talent on the 3/8ths as well.  Drifting on track from 11am until 10pm.  We’ll be having a 5/8ths and 3/8ths Tandem Competition, As well as a solo driver category; all with some great cash and prizes up for grabs.  $5000 in cash going out as well as $1000 in K&N Gift certificates and EVD Drift Certificates will be awarded to drivers.





The Car Show indoors is unlike anything else.  The newer arena building sets a beautiful backdrop to a wide variety of cars. Imports, Domestic, European can all be seen at the show.  Cash Prizes out the door as well for many different categories.  Street and Mild setups alike will battle it out for bragging rights and a unique one-off hand made trophy.  Below is the schedule for the days events.  We'll be open to the public at 12: Noon.  






We look forward to seeing you at the event this upcoming Saturday.  Checkout the some of the Videos and Pictures from last years events!