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July 23, 2013

Round 4 of the Evergreen Drift Pro/Am Series results;

Nik Jimenez Takes the Victory

Monroe, Wa. – Evergreen Speedway welcomes Formula Drift with a sold out Northwest crowd.   The Evergreen Drift Pro-Am series is one of only two local series that runs in conjunction with Formula Drift Pro Series. Evergreen Drift Veteran Nik Jimenez would go on to take the victory this round.

“It’s a unique opportunity for local drivers to demonstrate their skills to the masses.” said Evergreen Speedway Promoter Doug Hobbs.  

Round 4 of Evergreen Drift would be pivotal for those drivers within reach of a professional Formula Drift license with only one event remaining. 

Nik Jimenez is the defending 2012 Evergreen Drift Champion.  Since he has not competed in any rounds of the Formula Drift Pro Championship, he had the option to compete in Evergreen Drift in 2013. Nik has taken a new priority this season with his role as a Father.  Heading into this weekend, Nik had not drifted all season, the drifting itch got the best of him, and he decided to compete once again.  With little practice, Nik Jimenez showed his seasoned skill and style by piloting the Sixteenth Letter / Factory 83 Nissan to the top of podium! He also would claim the $1000 Exedy Clutch Contingency prize.  

Michael Klingele has been having an exceptional season and is looking as comfortable and fast on the 5/8ths bank as ever.   He earned a plethora of points from this round which could put him in the running for a license.  Michael Klingele takes the Speed secrets ISOutsource Mazda RX7 to a 2nd Place Finish. The points leader heading into this competition, Ian Fournier in his Drift Safari R32 Skyline would keep his momentum and reach podium in 3rd. Ian is well on his way to returning to Formula Drift Pro Championship. The Evergreen Drift Pro-Am Championship Series comes to a grand ending next Month during “The Finale at the Fair.”  Drivers will make the mad dash and final fight on August 25th, 2013.  We will be crowning 4 new Formula Drift Pro Drivers who will go on to represent Evergreen Drift in 2013.  For more information visit: www.evergreendrift.com


Evergreen Drift is run by Evergreen Speedway. The series consists of 5 Pro/Am events each season with over 20 other Drift related dates throughout the calendar year. Evergreen Speedway is located on the State Fairgrounds in Monroe WA. Evergreen Drift is in its 7th year and has produced many drivers in the Formula Drift Pro Championship. Over 60 Drifters from Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and beyond compete in Evergreen Drift events. Evergreen Drift is one of the few venues in North America where you can go from a beginner to earning your professorial license without ever going to another track.

Evergreen Speedway is a located within the confines of the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington. The stadium can accommodate up to 7500 spectators in the covered grandstand and an additional 5000 in the uncovered modular grandstands. The layout of the track is unique in that it incorporates a 5/8-mile paved outer oval, a 3/8-mile paved inner oval, a 1/5-mile paved inner oval, a 1/8-mile dragstrip, and a nationally renowned figure-eight track, a 1/5-mile oval and a 3/4-mile road course. Evergreen Speedway was tabbed the “Super Speedway of the West” by David Pearson on one of his visits to the historic NASCAR track. Evergreen played host to many NASCAR 500 lap events before California and Nevada built their super speedways. Today Evergreen Speedway is home to the NASCAR Whelen All American Series, the K&N Pro Series West as well Formula Drift.


Evergreen Drift contact information


Office Number – 360.805.6100


Grassroots Round 3 Recap.

This competition marking the halfway point of our season. Round 3 of 5 would determine the points lead into the final stretch of the year;  We’ve got  one more race on Sunday before Formula Drift, and a Finale during the Fair.

The usual early Sunday morning arrival following by mandatory Tech inspection.  A few new drivers as usual, always welcome to the field.   Season Volunteer Ryan Martin would test his hands at competition…

Jackson Beaumont would also try his first round in the white peapod Miata.

Heading into qualifying it would be Marc Ulin who takes the top Score with an amazing run on the 3/8ths bank! 

Our brackets were set and we entered top 32 with a few drivers breaking out.   One of which would be Jeff Woodruff, he’s progressed a lot this year but is still finding a few loose ends on his car.  Him being out would progress Nate Snyder to the Top 16 automatically.  Danny Z, Thomas M, John Burns, and Marc Ulin would all take the Cakewalk to top 16.


Taking a look now at the drivers that were eliminated in the Top 32.

Great Showing by Cody Kelson, he would get knocked out by Jayce Habich.

Gaelen Norman coming down from the great white north.  Took a trip out of bounds; taking two tires off.


Jay Planedin is another Canadian imported driver making good progression this year.

Vince Moore following in the footsteps of his Big Brother.  A bit too overzealous on his infield transfer would give the win to Mike Goddard.

First Tandem Battle of the night Paired Dio Ortiz and Oscar Perez.  It was the first time Oscar Perez had driven the Pro-Am machine of Scott Pham, and he fell into place pretty darn well.  Dio made an uncharacteristic spin and gave the surprise win to Oscar!

The first time (this year) we’ve had two girls compete and somehow they ended up in the Same Bracket.  Nikki San Miguel would go up against Bryttani, the newcomer from Montana.  A bit off line here as Nikki eats a barrell. 

Ryan Martin has gotten a lot of seat time this season.  Had a “Siam” moment as he butt puckered toward the wall.   Good save!

Tommy Bennys- Another Driver always good to see. But was struggling with a broken Fuel Pressure Regulator. 

Jackson Beaumont tried getting down in the Miata,  a bit under-powered, but still tons of fun! Pixar Mode is halarious too!

He Usually Pilots the Urban Camo BMW.  But today Jesse Hayes driving his Lexus SC.

Peter Taylor returned to make some smooth moves in his s13.   His s14 for pro-am still under the knife.  He would later have some crazy good tandems with Nate “Tireslayer” Snyder!



Into the Top 16.  Drivers start to feel the Pressure. Those that get eliminated are invited back to drift in-between brackets; giving them more seat time.  Here are the drivers that were knocked out in Top 16.


It was great to see Jayce Habich back in this car after taking it the wall a few events prior.  New tube front did the trick.

In another surprise, Thomas Skarshaug gets knocked out by the other half of Team Montana; Scott Wedemeyer.   Thomas is a strong contender; but a slight correction in steering gave the advantage and win to Scott.

A neat lil all American Battle Paired John Burns from of Rainy Day Mods and the Seattle Mustang Club up against Mike Goddard in the Foxbody.

Bryttani Maricola and Oscar Perez were the next pair.  Both Rookies to evergreens competition, and both doing exceptionally well for their first time.  Bryttani falls off and shuts down a bit early giving the win to Oscar.

Forrest Vertz was playing Pizzaboy this event; so that’s why my toppings are always on one side…

Dillon Duong Does his offtrack training on Forza Motorsport.  He Got knocked out by the 300zx of Chris Johnson.

Johnathan Raymer always has smooth styles and a clean line.   It would go to a One More Time Battle! But Johnathan  was outdriven by the Hachi slides of Danny Z

Alex Ramirez with a little teddy bear love on his hindside, he too takes the fall in top 16 after a OMT, to Nate Snyder.



Top 8 Was set in Stone!  First battle of the great 8 would put top qualifier Marc Ulin against Scott Wedemeyer.   Good Showing by Scott  for his first time here!

Another Tandem Battle paired up Mike Goddard and Oscar Perez.  This was Oscar Perez’s fist competition event and his first time driving Scott Phams JZ powered Rx7.  He earns a OMT but Mike would take the advance to final 4.

Chris Johnson Proving that 300zx’s can hang with the rest of them.  He gets knocked out against Thomas Micich.  Chris Johnson is also looking forward to finishing his s14 for Pro-am. 

Final Battle of the top 8 had Nate Snyder Beating Danny Z!   Danny really making a name for himself in his little 16v  corolla.  I think he too has Pro-Am aspirations for the future.



Final Four!  Thomas Micich vs Nate Snyder. Typical Coupe vs Fastback battle.   Micich had the stronger runs so he goes on to the Final Battle and Nate stays back for the 3rd place fight

Mike Goddard and Marc Ulin would battle next.  Bigger foxbody up against the 1UZ TE72 Corrolla.  Size doesn’t matter; lead and chase abilities the deciding factor here.  It was soo close after the first battle the judges decided on a one more time.   After all was said in done, it was Ulin victories and Goddard laying back to battle Nate.

3rd Place Battle!   Mustang Mike Goddard and Nate Tireslayer Snyder!  Nate would lead the way, Mike a bit shallow on the bank ends up having to re-initiate behind Nate.  Nate gets a big gap and advantage over Mike heading into the next Run.  Mike would lead and Nate would have a similar mistake, however Mustang drove a bit too far into the infield and went 2 tires off, goes wide around the 2nd pole and Nate actually makes a needle threading pass on the inside! A Spectacular Run by both drivers!  Mike has his best finish yet in 4th place and Nate Snyder his best finish as well in 3rd Place.


For first place and to the sounds of Queen (we will rock you), Mark Ulin sets the bar High as usual for first place.  Momentum and Consisctancy his key!  Thomas Micich is looking for the top on his first podium finish, and he answers with a stout follow run.  

Marc Ulin Comes out Victorious.  The Energy he puts into his runs puts him out on top of all the others.  A healthy handful of points to go with some bragging rights as winnings. 


The halfway point has passed and Danny Ziegler is the current points leader for the championship.  Round 4 is the Sunday before FormulaDrift Weekend.   We hope to see you there!





Taking a Look back at round three of Pro-Am Competition at Evergreen Drift.  As with Drifting theres always some sort of Carnage and clutter, however things were off to an early harsh start for some drivers.   Lets take a look at round 3 went down.

Drivers ended up slimming down the field on their own terms.  Matt Vankirk would face issues and a cracked oil pan in his new car.  The Twin Turbo Charged V8 ( formerly known as the blue dolphin) will need a bit more time and assessment before its truly ready.

Andre Escalante narrowly misses out and fails to qualify for the main show.  Struggling with no e-brake.  He too is staged up for a strong comeback for the FD round

During Practice Cameron Moore ended up taking a hit into the 5/8ths bank.  Spectacular crash as his wheel rolled down the track and would end up on the motocross flat-track.   Cameron would not make qualifying and would take a huge loss in points by missing this round.

Working our way into the main show, it would be Ian Fournier who takes the title of #1 qualifier.  He’s got a ton of momentum coming from is last win at round 2, and back on the power with the supercharger working once more.   Ian was looking super strong and consistant heading into battle.

With a few drivers missing competition and the others striking out at qualifying, we had formed a Top 8 bracket Competition.

First Battle of the night would pair up Erich Hagen and Ian Fournier.  Hagen has been loving the new power and setup of his S13.   It’s been a big change from last years ride, but Hagen has come leaps and bounds in this new car.  Another Great showing by Hagen, but on his lead run he tapped the last wall to hard and drove off track, giving the win to Ian.

Oregon Donor Battle, (drivers from Oregon) as we see veteran Kyle Pollard go up against Scott Pham.  Scott Phams another driver who’s been advancing very well in his rookie year of pro-am.  He was a bit too low on the bank which set him offline on the infield.  Pollard takes the Win!

 Ket Voang shows his love for the sport by bouncing back from his last 5/8ths wall hit.  He got paired up against Michael in the Top 8, but Michael would pull a huge gap on Ket who spun on his lead, giving the advantage and win to Tweak.

Final Battle of the Top 8 would pair Veteran Pro Victor Moore up against Tyler Grimsley.  Tyler fighting problems with his car during the start of the seasons seems to have got all the loose ends buckled down.  Victor was getting Tyler in his gun sights as they entered the infield, but would spin on his chase!  Judges decided on a OMT since Tyler failed to close the gap on victors lead run.    The one more time would give Tyler the opportunity to Prove himself once more, and he does it by knocking out the FD Pro with a stellar lead run and Victor driving off track.

Working into the Top 4, our first battle would pair up Michael Tweak Klingele and Ian Fournier.  Michael was looking strong on Ian heels during his chase run, but would straighten out and correct during his chase.  Tweak would also spin on his lead run giving the win to the finals to Fournier.  Michael stays back to battle for third.

Next heat in the top four would place the once seasoned skills of pro Kyle Pollard up against the now solid rocker styles of Tyler Grimsley.  Sr20det vs Ka24det.  Kyle leads the first run and loses Tyler off the start, but hot on the nitto smoke, Tyler was able to close the gap on Kyle coming into the infield.  Tylers lead run was good too, but with Kyle on his heels the whole time, the judges decided on another One More Time for Tyler.

One more time battle and driver had another mirror image run.  But it would be Kyle pollard that Takes the win, and Tyler would battle Michael for 3rd.

3rd Place battle was the LS1 Mazda Rx7 of Michael going up against the KA24DET power of Tyler Grimsley.  Tyler Leads the first run, and what looks like a promising gap is quickly closed by Tweak halfway through the bank.  Coming into the infield Tweak was practically chewing on Tyler.  As Grimsley transferred around the 2nd light pole he made the mistake of over-rotating, but still finished the day with his best finish yet in 4th place!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Final Battle would pair up two Previously FD licensed and Evergreen Drift Drivers.   Both have been through the FD ranks and step back this year to Pro-Am.  Ian Fournier of Drift Safari leads the initial run against PSI Kyle Pollard.  Kyle get smoked out on the bank by the VK56 power of Fournier.  Ian throws out an amazing first lead run with stellar Angle, style, and smoke.   Kyle does an amazing job keeping up with Ian Fournier, but has to sacrifice angle to keep up with the beast.  Kyle had a fairly good lead run but ended up getting Phazed out by the Canadian on his heels and Kyle settles proudly in 2nd place.

Ian Fournier becomes your new Series Points leader and is on his way to the 2014 season of Formula Drift.  Lets see if he can keep his momentum up in the Last two round of competition.             

                       See the Current Points Standings HERE >>> http://www.evergreendrift.com/2013-proam-round-3