June 2013

Round 2 for Formula Drift Pro-AM was AWESOME!!   Round 1 where multiple Drivers were bouncing back from a lot of Crashes.  A total of 5 cars on the bank I believe…   So understandably a few cars were missing from Saturday’s competition.


Still haggard and war torn, Kory Keezer took the title of #1 qualifier.  We’re really looking forward to seeing Keezer destroy this hometown track against his rivals in next month’s FormulaD Drift Round.



Heading into main Top 16 Competition it would be the top 4 qualifiers who would take by-runs onto the next round.   Keezer , Kyle Pollard, Matt Vankirk, and Ian Fournier all gracefully earning the cakewalk to top 8. 

Battles in Top 16 also included the FC vs FC /  V8 vs JZ  battle with twin charged Scott Pham knocking out Michael Tweak Klingele. 



Tyler Grimsley had fallen victim to more mechanical failure giving the pass to Cameron Moore.   His car is Super quick on the bank with Nitto Tires now too!


Aaron Day has been a great new addition to the field.  He brings a ton of talent and a great looking chassis.  Unfortunately getting knocked out by Jim Xiong in top 16 though.


Ket Voang was also having troubles bouncing back from his crash at Round 1 and falls to Hagen.



Top 8 battles!  One battle that was A really neat sight to see: Ian Fournier and Kim Xiong go against each other -  4 Door Skyline Vs 2 Door, in a scene straight out of Japan.   A Great battle and Fournier would take the win.


Vankirk earned the A By-run to Top 8 with his stellar qualifying run. He was paired up with Cameron Moore and battle both drivers had major mistakes in the first heat, so the judges decided on one more time.    Vankirk was a strong contender but went a little too wide going into the infield on his lead; the win then going to Cameron Moore.


Scott Pham’s car comes alive at night; the “Disco Mode” is a great sight on the bank!  Pham had trouble keeping up with Keezer though, He did earn himself a one more time after the first set of battles, but Keezer would go on to take the win.


Kyle Pollard in his “Missile” up against Erich Hagen, Pollard had the advantage coming into the infield with Hagen being off track but then Kyle seemed to shut down and coast off while Erich paced behind.  On Erich’s Lead Run Kyle took the B-line off and forfeited to mechanical failure.



TOP 4 Was upon us!!    First Battle Was Kory Keezer getting chased down by Cameron Moore.   Keezer had the advantage at first but his chase run was sloppy in spots which gave the win to Cameron.  Keezer sitting tight for his chance to battle for 3rd place.


Evergreen Oldboys had a great battle here as Erich Hagen chased down Ian Fournier and Stayed on his toes dancing through the infield.  Had a good lead run too but was a little low on the bank and had a slight correction on his chase as well.  Which meant he would hang back to battle for 3rd place against Keezer.


3rd Place Battle Keezer getting the lunge on Hagen off the start but Erich keeping up and staying smooth behind Keezer.  On Erich’s lead Run Keezer fell way far behind Erich on the bank,  and gave the Win and Podium to Erich Hagen.


Final Battle with Ian Fournier Leading Cameron Moore.  Moore doing a great job playing the shadow behind Ian, but his gap was shuffling in the chase.   Ian then was Chasing Cameron; who lead an amazing line into the infield.   Ian was Right with him the whole time and kept the gap clean and consistent.  Earning him the Win and Top Spot on Podium for Pro-Am Round 2!!!






car # Driver bracket points qualifying points Total Points Earned   Season Standings pts  
9 Ian Fournier 100 6 106   1st Kory Keezer 179  
33 Cameron Moore 88 4 92   2nd Cameron Moore 174  
777 Erich Hagen 78 2 80   3rd Erich Hagen 174  
888 Kory Keezer 69 8 77   4th Ian Fournier 167  
171 Scott Pham 61 3 64   5th Michael Klingele 145  
18 Matt Vankirk 61 5 66   6th Matt Vankirk 143  
70 Kyle Pollard 61 7 68   7th Kyle Pollard 125  
559 Jim Xiong 61 4 65   8th Ket Voang 120  
188 Tyler Grimsley 54 2 56   9th Scott Pham 120  
22 Michael Klingele 54 2 56   10th Tyler Grimsley 119  
29 Ket Voang 54 3 57   11th Aaron Day 118  
24 Aaron Day 54 2 56   12th Jim Xiong 65  
            13th Dave Nedelcu 59  
            14th Matthew Coffman 58  
            15th Andre Escalante 57  
            16th Donnie Jones 55  
            17th Gleb Antonov 55  




A few Drivers camped out from the previous day’s festivities, only to arise early and prepare to compete on the 3/8ths bank.  Round two saw many of the same faces as the first, but a larger cap meant more drivers had the opportunity to qualify.  Close to 50 drivers showed up to qualify for the top 32 spots. 


Our Top Qualifier for grassroots was Marc Ulin in the 1UZ powered Corolla. 


Nikki San Miguel made another appearance.  Really getting settled in and comfortable on the bank.  She fell victim to a bad wheel bearing and got knocked out in top 32.


Another Driver progressing rather well has been Vince Moore.  His older brother is one of our locally Licensed Formula D Pro Drivers, so drifting is apparently in their blood.   Vince would get knocked out in the 32 in his battle with Danny Ziegler.


Ronnie Bender also knocked out in top 32 against “Mustang Mike” Goddard.   Great looking Nissan S14 is sure to make some strong moves in the future.


Into the Top 16, it was great to see Peter Taylor make the drive up from Oregon again.   An alternate car from what he drove last year.


Hachi’s are starting to make a stronger and larger showing.  Tanner Mandelin is great in the 86, but he too  got knocked out;  by John Raymer.


Aaron Mosman was out with a heavy foot to fight for another podium finish.  He placed 2nd at Round 1.  Here however he lost going up against now seasoned highrider Chris-Goldie Wells.


Raheel Qureshi is a stellar as a chef and behind the wheel.   His delivery/ Competition car got him all the way to Top 8!   Don’t forget to try his cooking as USMANIA restaurant! 




Another Strong showing in the Top 8 was Mike Goddard.   His unique Stang now with more angle!  But he too would fall short to the bar set by Chris Goldie-Wells.



As we worked our way into the Final Four, a new appreciation was born for lower HP cars making a great stand this round.   Round 1 in the wet was understandable the “team LowHP” would be make the podium streak, but even on the dry grounds at round 2 we saw an impressive showing of what are considered  “entry level cars.”  

It just Goes to show that it doesn’t take much to get out here, and that Driver skill has improved by leaps and bounds here at the track.    Fourth Place finisher in the 16valve Toyota;  Danny Ziegler!



The 3rd Place Finisher and returning from Atop the podium at round 1.  Tyler Twisty Archuleta!



2nd Place making waves of style and smoke was Marc Ulin!



And in 1st Place for Round 2 after finishing last year as our grassroots champion; Chris Goldie-Wells!



Points are adding up… here is how the season standing currently look.   We’ll see you at Round 3!!



  Driver Name   Qualifying Points Earned Bracket Points Earned Total Points Earned   FINAL STANDINGS: RND 1 RND 2 TOTAL
  Qualifying order                   1st Tyler "Twisty" Archuleta 107 85 192
1st Marc Ulin     8     88     96   2nd Danny Ziegler 86 70 156
2nd Tyler Archuleta   7     78     85   3rd Aaron Mosman 93 54.5 147.5
3rd Chris Goldie-Wells   6     100     106   4th John Raymer 75 64 139
4th Raheel Qureshi   5     61     66   5th Mike Goddard* 56 65 121
5th Thomas Skarshaug   4     54     58   6th Thomas Skarshaug* 55 58 113
6th Mike Goddard   4     61     65   7th Chris Goldie-Wells 0 106 106
7th Johnathan Raymer   3     61     64   8th Marc Ulin   0 96 96
8th Thomas Micich   3     61     64   9th Chris Johnson* 65 22 87
9th Cody Kelson   2     20     22   10th Thomas Micich 23 64 87
10th Aaron Leavitt   2     20     22   11th Raheel Qureshi* 20.25 66 86.25
11th Chris Johnson   2     20     22   12th Dio Ortiz*   65 20.25 85.25
12th Rachael Smith   2     54     56   13th Aaron Leavitt* 54.5 22 76.5
13th Danny Ziegler   1     69     70   14th Nathan Snyder* 20.5 55 75.5
14th Alan Nguyen   1     20     21   15th Stephen Edwards* 55 20.25 75.25
15th Nate Snyder   1     54     55   16th Trais Taylor* 54.5 20.5 75
16th Peter Taylor   1     54     55   17th Peter Kim* 20.5 54.5 75
17th Trais Taylor   0.5     20     20.5   18th Dillon Duong 64 0 64
18th Alex Ramrod   0.5     20     20.5   19th Rainero Macapinlac 63 0 63
19th Aaron Mosman   0.5     54     54.5   20th Jesse Hayes* 56 0 56
20th Nikki San Miguel   0.5     20     20.5   21st Rachael Smith 0 56 56
21st Vince Moore   0.5     20     20.5   22nd Peter Taylor 0 55 55
22nd Jayce Habich   0.5     54     54.5   23rd DJ Wilson* 54.5 0 54.5
23rd Tanner Mandelin   0.5     54     54.5   24th Jayce Habich 0 54.5 54.5
24th Peter Kim     0.5     54     54.5   25th Tanner Mandelin 0 54.5 54.5
25th Stephen Edwards   0.25     20     20.25   26th Braydon Batungbacal 54.25 0 54.25
26th Cameron Caldwell   0.25     20     20.25   27th Cody Kelson* 20.5 22 42.5
27th Ronnie Bender   0.25     20     20.25   28th Alan Nguyen* 20.25 21 41.25
28th Dio Ortiz      0.25     20     20.25   29th Cameron Caldwell* 20.5 20.25 40.75
29th Jay Planedin   0.25     20     20.25   30th Nikki San Miguel* 20.25 20.5 40.75
30th Andrew Priest   0.25     20     20.25   31st Jordan Peterson 22 0 22
                        32nd Gaelen Norman* 21 0 21
                        33rd John Danyal* 21 0 21
                        34th Brian George* 20.5 0 20.5
                        35th Alex Ramrod 0 20.5 20.5
                        36th Vince Moore 0 20.5 20.5
                        37th Forrest Vertz* 20.25 0 20.25
                        38th Tommy Bennys* 20.25 0 20.25
                        39th Chase Lorfeld* 20.25 0 20.25
                        40th David Savidia* 20.25 0 20.25
                        41st Ronnie Bender 0 20.25 20.25
                        42nd Jay Planedin 0 20.25 20.25
                        43rd Andrew Priest 0 20.25 20.25