April 2013

Round 1 Pro-Am Recap. (pictures coming soon)


Look how far we’ve come.  When we first decided to throw locals out on the 5/8ths, we could barely gaggle together half a dozen drivers.   Fast forward a few years, and we have a full fledged progam with more than 20 5/8ths competitors for round 1, and its looking to be closer to 25+ cars for round 2.


These drivers will be competing for points throughout the season in hopes of earning a Formula D Pro licence.   We do have some licenced drivers competing alongside,  they too are in the running for the championship but will not effect the chances of other drivers getting FD liceneces.  The top 4 UNSEATED drivers at the end of the year will recive the title for FD pro Driver, and go on to represent us in 2014.


Practice time we saw drivers in shakedown mode, some making their first drives on the 5/8ths in months.   Unfortunately we saw a few drivers shake things a bit too loose, falling victim to mechanical failure before qualifying.  Roland Gallagher was primed and ready for his return to Pro-Am Ranks, however  fell victim to a broken Rocker Arm.


One driver that we were all very excited and anxious to see return to evergreen was Trent Stromkins.  He’s been supporting evergreen for a long time and has had his car under the knife for what seemed like forever.  Trent Finally got the 1UZ corolla finished, but met an unfortate ending when he crashed into the wall during practice on Saturday.


To the other drivers that met the wall round 1 as well, we wish you good luck on repairs and recovery; Ket Voang.  Erich Hagen, Matt Vankirk, Mike Phillips, and Jim Xiong  all took a bite of big ol’ white and blue.

I’ve been with evergreen drift since the start and I personally have seen pretty much every single drift crash;  I can honestly say this one was the worst.  Trent is an extremely talented and capeable driver.   We have nothing but upmost respect and the highest wishes and hopes of recovery for you Trent.


Top 16 was set and we saw some new drivers in the field here as well.   We’d like to welcome to the EVD family Matthew Coffman , Scott Pham, and Aaron Day! 

And how’s this for a blast from the past.   Gleb Antonov  bringing back the Baby blue Dolphin (circa 2009’)

Donnie Jones has some new colors this season!   Goin from gold to a nice vibrant energetic yellow! 


Another driver we hav’nt seen since FD last year, Dave Nedelcu, the lone ranger in the mustang, ran very strong on Saturday as well, already super comfortable with the wall.   Had an AMAZING chase on the bank creeping up on Aaron Day, but over rotated coming into the infield giving the win to Day.


As we worked our way through the Pro-Am Procession, the sun was dropping which meant the cars really coming alive at night.   Completely distracting here J   Scott Pham throws out Disco mode for his top 16 battle against Cameron Moore.


Kyle Pollard was out in show debuting his “other” car, a missle turned 5/8ths competitor, deemed the “black knight”.  Kyle fell victim to a bad water pump/ blown head gasket.


Working our way towards the finals.  The battles get closer and closer,  Great runs in top 8 by Aaron Day and Erich Hagen!  Day washes a bit too far off line giving the advance to Erich.


Ket Voang was staged up against Kory Keezer in top 8.  Charged hard to get some clean air but too much speed sent him into the wall, giving the win to Keezer.   Ket also hadn’t driven since FD last year, but was looking strong on his test day the previous wedensday.  Props to the guys at Passing Lane Performance for getting it together in time for competition, we know Ket will bounce back from this one as well.


With the night almost over we had worked our way into Final Four.  Immedietly following Kets run-in with the wall, Erich Hagen took a hit in his battle against Michael.  Erich still seems excited and happy with his new setup, switching from the CA18 and going with JZ power this season with the help of NissanParts.  Again,  just like with the other drivers, we know he’s gonna bouce back and make a strong showing at round 2. 


The Battle for 3rd paired Kory Keezer up with Cameron Moore.  The loser automatically getting 3rd with Hagen being crashed out, and the winner going on to battle Michael for 1st.   Cameron has been spending a lot of time in the seat during the offseason, and that time has payed off, looking really stong in the 3rd place battle here. 


Cameron with JZ power and a stellar new Livery, was riding nice and high on his lead run with Keezer. Straightened out on the infield as Keezer stayed on his toes.  Cameron held his own on the Chase as well but could not close the gap on Keezer, and Kory progressed onto the Final Battle.   Still a Podium Finish and Great start of the Season for Cameron Moore and Gang


Final Battle.  Nissan VS Mazda!  Both LS powered and dancing on Falken Tires.  Keezer the Seated Pro and Michael the Seasoned Athlete as well.   With one winking headlight Keezer mimicked Michaels line on the first run, it seemed that Tweak had an advantage with keezer not being able to close the gap.


But on the final Run.  Tweak having the setup for success but drops the ball and straightnes out on the infield behind Keezer.  Securing his spot in second and bringing an end to a long amazing night.



1st.  Kory Keezer

2nd.  Michael Tweak Klingele & Erich Hagen   (please read info here http://evergreendrift.com/blog/please-read-announcement-regarding-round-1-mistakes)

3rd.  Cameron Moore

4th. Matt Vankirk



Overall A Success!   Round one had insane weather, gnarly Crashes, and lots of other factors working against us.  We finished in time and overall felt that the event was a BLAST!!!

We look forward to seeing you all at round 2!


-Mat Risher.


Grassroots Round 1 Recap!  (Pictures Coming Soon)

Grassroots Round One was quite the spectacular event!  Evergreen Drift’s Grassroots Series was off to an amazing start with a Great turnout of Drivers.  We had a mix of new faces and some familiar names from last year.   All to get their foot in the door for points; chasing down bragging rights and the title of Grassroots Drifting Champion.

Practice in the Morning Started off smooth.  This was the time for Drivers to lock down lines and setups for qualifying.  A lot of faces to the sky during practice, as Washington weather was giving us unpredictable indications.

Qualifying!   The pressure was on!  Grassroots drivers would have only 3 runs to get good impressions on the judges.  We saw a few unfortunate 0’s, it’s a gamble for a few drivers that don’t make it into the big show, but we hope they try again next round!

32 Grassroots Drivers locked in position. Game On! 

Weather certainly played a factor.   At one point the inconsistency above was over and we had a clean sheet of water on the track.   All The Lower horsepower drivers got a evil smile on their faces and proceeded to destroy.

John Raymer got a good shoe-in of points as well.  The returning heavy hitter from last year.  He finished with a fourth place finish for this round.

At the end of the Night,  we had an all underpowered podium.  Tyler “Twisty” Archuleta, the evergreen old boy, took top spot in his dual cam killer.

“Team Team” driver Aaron Mosman also sporting a dual cam coupe, took second place.

And  Danny Z, one of the “Little corollas that could”, saw his first podium as well at 3rd place.



1st.  Tyler Twisty Archuleta

2nd.  Aaron Mosman

3rd.   Danny Ziegler


see points standings here >>>  http://evergreendrift.com/2013-grassroots-round-1

Hello Evergreen Drift Drivers And Fans!


First and Foremost thanks to everyone again who came out and supported us during round 1 and NissanFest Weekend.  On Saturday we worked our way through more than 50 cars and understandably had a few hiccups along the way.  We at Evergreen Drift would like to Apologize for the mistakes that happened during this opening round of competition. 

In case you were not aware, we’ve had some major changes in staff and personnel this year, and we have had some growing pains along with the transition.  However despite the pains, we’ve got a lot more opportunities for success and we still believe that  2013 is going to be our biggest year yet.  We hope you’ll continue to support us.

We’d like to recognize and let everyone know exactly what mistakes were made.  That way we can assure everyone that these won’t happen in future rounds of competition.  We are always open to suggestions and improvement.  Please don’t hesitate to speak up about a concern during an event. 


1. Communication.

                       a. it had come to our attention only after the event that Pro-Am drivers were unaware that the first two runs during qualifying were practice runs.  

                       b. some drivers and pit crew were given wrong times to suit up and bring their cars to staging. 

                       c. some drivers and pit crew were not notified of second drivers meeting.

                       d. drivers and pit crew were not notified specifics on judging criteria, specifically the ruling on one or two tires off.

A lot of simple fixes to take place with communication.   A Less congested day with only Pro-Am cars will help with the juggling as well. 


2.  Brackets.

                       a.  Both grassroots and Pro-Am fell victim to right side brackets being setup backwards, making the lower qualifying go first. 



****  3. Judging and Event Procession.****

During the Top 8 Battle:  Michael Klingele VS Matt Vankirk, judges ended up basing their decision on the drivers leading runs.  On Michaels Chase run he spun out and on Matts chase run he shut down and stopped drifting (both 0 runs);  So based on just the lead runs the Judges did award MATT VANKIRK the win, however; since his car was broken, WE made the mistake of defaulting to the only running car (Michael) on to top 4. 


This was a HUGE MISTAKE on our part.  Matt Vankirk should have been progressed into top 4, with him out to technicalities; it would have meant a By-Run for Erich Hagen into 2nd place.  Since this was completely our fault we have decided to leave no driver at penalty.

  • Erich Hagen will now also be awarded 2nd place in a “tie” with Michael Klingele, and both will receive 88 points.
  • Matt Vankirk is moved up to 4th place and will receive 69 points.
  • Michael Tweak Klingele will keep his 2nd place position and points.

Evergreen Drift recognizes our errors and that none of the drivers or pit crew are at fault in any way. These mistakes are purely on Evergreen Drift and we apologize to the drivers, pit crews, and fans for any issues this may have caused.

We are working on immediate changes to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at lupe@evergreenspeedway.comafrodrift@evergreenspeedway.com

We are 2 days away from the Start of the Formula Drift Weekend.  Round 1 in Long Beach California has long been a ceremonious occasion; as the Opening Formula Drift event –it’s the debut round where drivers from around the world showoff their new cars, stellar setups, and unique looks. 

All winter long the Pro-Drivers have been buried away in random shops and garages.  Awaiting parts and continuing the fabrication into what will become their chariots for the 2013 season.



Evergreen Drift has a Proud Handful of Drivers that earned their licensed through our program, and are staged up to compete this upcoming weekend.  Lets take a look at a few of our hometown heroes, and see what they’ll be piloting this year in Formula Drift.


Victor Moore  -  With the help of Drift office, will be piloting this JZ powered S13 Silvia.


Chris Jeanneret – After a year in hibernation, returns to the grid in the STR Racing S14 Silvia


Kory Keezer –  A Skyline R32 Facelift on Keezers MaxwellPower S13.  Ready to Rage.



Rob Primo – A highly anticipated debut is set for Factory 83 and Rob Primo in his Garage Autohero JZ powered S14. 



Walker Wilkerson –  Former Snohomish resident turned Californian,  this is Walkers 3rd year in the pro ranks but the First Year he has swapped out of his familiar purple s13.  An Twin Turbo S14 is in the works, we look forward to seeing the final result.



Be sure to watch the event online live!   Follow the links on qualifying and Race day from www. FormulaD.com.    Good luck to all the Drivers!



splash image by larry chen.


-Mat Risher

The Past winter and this early preseason has been a blast so far.  However the time has come to dust off the podium and prepare ourselves for the 2013 Competition Points Season.  Last year we saw some Returning Veterans and New faces all mixed in the field.   And they put on quite the show battling it out in our Best Year Ever.  This year we are staged up for even more intense competition, and we are starting things off with a big bang.   Grassroots, Pro-Am, and the Return of Nissanfest all in one weekend!


BE Like CORY SIMER!   GET A CAGE and RAGE Door to Door!

Grassroots is considered the entry level competition format.  But the bar is rising as the drivers in this segment are getting better and better.  We are used to seeing Pseudo tandems (1 at a time) at this level, but rumor has it a fair amount of the crowd will be getting roll cages, which in turn means more door to door action!  A strong contender here, Cory Simer, getting his put together in the weeks leading up.


Pro-Am has seen quite a bit of progression over the years.   When we first started back in 09 we could barely get half a dozen drivers on the bank.  Fast Forward>>  looking closer to a full Roster as more talent is coming out of the woodwork to slay the 5/8ths.  Cameron Moore got lots of seat time this off-season, he's poised to make a strong attack Round1.


Ricky Henderson was THE FIRST local driver to ever drift the 5/8ths bank.  Ricky has been posting up pictures of his build on facebook, and is staged up to return and tackle the big bank again this season.


In addition to the start of the competition season on Saturday, the weekend finishes Sunday with the return of the largely successful NissanFest!  This all encompassing show will include a Drifting Competition, Auto-X, RC-Drifting, and the NW-Motiv Car Show.


Be sure to check out the official Facebook page for these events.  Like, and Share with your friends!   We’ll see you the weekend of April 20th and 21st!   


Round 1 >>>> http://www.facebook.com/events/145324098979634/?ref=22

NissanFest >>>>> http://www.facebook.com/events/452517314812596/?ref=14