March 2013

We're Looking forward to tommorows open drift. And we have caught word that a few more veteren drivers will be making an appearance! 



Tyler Grimsley Posted this Teaser photo earlier today.  He will be debuting the new livery for his car! 

Tyler Is a Veteran Pro-Am athlete and was the only driver with a KA-T setup last year.   Looks like his car just got a bit more "unique" ;)







Roland Gallagher Is a Well known Local Driver who has competed in FormulaD as a Pro for the last 2 years.  He stated that if the weather holds out, he will indeed be driving.    Above: a Shot From Formula Drift Vegas last year where Roland Qualified top 32.  Magic ejecting wizard wing!! 


Roland has been in a hibernation of sorts but is looking forward to drifting again.  Online he recently posted:

"I cant wait to go ham this year! The off season for me is such an important time. Its the time I go to my cave and hibernate, block out all outside influences, reflect on the previous years and return myself to the person I want to be.

I can honestly say that this winter has been just what I needed, and I cant wait to get back behind the wheel again. This year is going to be my year, the year I ...get to just shut up and drive with the "give a f*** switch" in the off position. I look forward to doing as much door to door tandeming as I possibly can whether its a comp or an open drift. I plan on leaving Teal paint on other cars and on walls everywhere I go.

Ive also been putting together a street car, and fully intend to use the crap out of it, driving it to other states, and hitting drift events at different tracks Ive always wanted to drive and/or re-drive! I also plan on making my own videos documenting as I go.

Id like to thank the partners who have continued to support me even outside of the FD circuit, you guys are not just partners but true friends.

Huge thank you to Garage Autohero, Exedy US, PSI - Portland Speed Industries, Feltons Nissan Auto Parts, and Hell Yeah Custom Coating!

Also, I have a request for all you media guys who have had stickers on my car in the last 4 years. I want to see any footage you have of me from the past 4 years, Itd be sweet to see it in video form or raw footage so I can cherish it for years to come. Thanks dudes!

See you all soon!!!"



-Roland Gallagher




Roland also had a Cameo in a Recent Hot-Rod Magazine Issue!!!



Get Yourself Geared Up!  And we'll see you Tommorow!!

Event Information Here!!!  >>>



[Mat Risher] 


Traditionally, the winter month from October to March was a time where drivers and drift fans alike would go into a state of Hibernation.  The Offseason was a time to take apart your car and prepare it for the upcoming season.  Well many drivers still take advantage of the winter months and put their cars under the knife, however the owners of Evergreen Speedway, Doug and Traci Hobbs, recognized the need for more seat-time, and a Winter Drift season was born!



Puddle Play! An Autosport advantage; Drifting can be done Rain, or Shine (Even snow probably ;) Alex Storms through Lake Evergreen; a majority of the winter events being is such conditions. We scheduled a Few Open drifts and 2 Drift schools over the course of this past winter, and the drivers showed up in bountiful force.



After the Successful (and it will be returning) “In-Motion” car show and drift competition, we started off the winter swing with a pair of October Open Drifts.  Friday Night Slides featured a Finale of sorts to celebrate the upcoming winter Season. A 9 Car frontline burnout would leave a permanent mark on the track and unfortunately we won’t be able to do this again.  But it was quite the experience if you were there!



Heading into winter, we also expected to see a lot of new faces! Brody Goble made the long drive from Canada to visit us!   We Hope to see him at a few of our Pro-Am rounds this season!


During the Halloween Drift; drivers were encouraged to put their cars in costume.  A simple Dragon Tail does the trick here.


Returning From “No-mans-land” ;)…   Mark Ulin has made a big impression during a few events this winter.   He used to attend events here in the early-ages of evergreen, but has since returned with a unique car and a wealth of talent.

Mark Ulin- TE72 Toyota Corrolla is sporting a 1UZ Powerplant.  We love seeing cars that stand out like this one and more are coming out of the woodwork!



Cars we once thought would simply “not work sideways”  are making a Strong showing this winter.  Mark3 Toyota Supras and Nissan 300zx’s and Ford Mustangs of All generations are making an appearance.



Its always good to see a new variety of cars, not that there is anything wrong with 240sx after 240sx… its just nice to have a pallet cleanser.



We always love seeing new faces at the track.   There is nothing better than watching someone get out of a car smiling ear to ear; having just taken their first drifting ride-along.  Fans took advantage of the discounted pit passes, Tyler here taking his first Ride sideways with Corey Simer.



We can’t forget our Veteran / Seasoned Drivers; they were out to play as well.  We had a fair amount of Tandems this winter too!  We do require drivers to have roll cages with door bars in order to run two or more at a time.  If you’re looking to get door to door with someone you should consider a roll cage this Season!



Old Drivers and New drivers came together in two of our Drifting Schools.  We had drivers Progress from a series of Donuts and Figure Eights, we would then open up 3/8ths bank for drivers to try.  Terrell Broomer has been a supporter of EVD for a long time, was great to see him finally hit the track!



 All drivers were invited out to hone their skills.  One driver, SeHwan Kim, Drives a high horsepower Hyundai Genesis In Korea, but stateside wanted to get the feel of his brand new Scion FRS.   Mission Accomplished!




Well, winter tends to linger on in Washington, but The competition season is almost upon us, and we’ve only got 2 more Open Drift Events before Round 1 Weekend with NissanFest.  Competition Drivers are encouraged to take advantage of this seat time. Be sure to keep an eye out on this website, as the season begins we are going to be featuring Weekly Articles and Write-ups!    


Thank you to everyone who supported us this winter.  And of Course a Huge thank you to all of our volunteers, media, drivers, and Fans!

We’ll See You Sunday March 24th for Open Drift.


- Mat "AfroDrift" Risher