September 2012



Evergreen Drift, Ram announce sponsorship agreement


MONROE, WA (Thursday, September 24, 2012) – Evergreen Drift and Ram have reached a sponsorship agreement, it was announced today. Ram has come on board as the title sponsor for Evergreen Drift 5/8th's competition at InMotion Saturday, September 29th, 2012. 


“We are pleased to have this sponsorship with Ram and Rairdon Dodge in Monroe, Wa.” said Kelly Hale, Evergreen Drift Director at Evergreen Speedway. Come check out the full line of Ram trucks Saturday, September 29th, 2012 during Evergreen Drift competition at InMotion at Evergreen Speedway.





Evergreen Drift, Guesthouse Inn & Suites announce sponsorship agreement


MONROE, WA (Thursday, September 20, 2012) – Evergreen Drift and Guesthouse Inn & Suites have reached a sponsorship agreement, it was announced today. Guesthouse Inn & Suites has come on board as the official lodging sponsor for Evergreen Drift 5/8th's competition at InMotion Saturday, September 29th, 2012.


Mention InMotion at the front desk or by phone to receive room discounts of over 15%. The rates will be $99.00 for a room with one king bed, $109.00 for a room with two queen beds, and $119.00 for a suite.


For reservations call 1-800-214-8378





Its no secret that not only the drifting scene, but the entire automotive lifestyle in the pacific northwest has exploded in more recent years. With booming generations brining new styles and stunning cars it was only a matter of time until an automotive event would take shape to be bigger and better than anything else the northwest has seen. NwMotiv and Evergreen Drift have joined forces to bring together a car show and drift competition to bring out the best the northwest has to offer, and its guaranteed to be an amazing show.


Bringing an end to the summer, The In-Motion Car show will be the largest indoor and outdoor car show in Washington since 2008. More than 200 cars (way more) will be clipped and cleaned up for a chance to win in a variety of classes. Everything will be on hand from Japanese and European Cars, to Domestic muscles.


The Car show will be the first of its kind at the Evergreen State fairgrounds. Not only will a plethora of cars be scattered across the fairgrounds outside, but we will also be taking advantage of a newly constructed indoor arena that is located adjacent and easily accessible from the track.


NwMotiv has put up its own money for the car show prizes. To reach out to a variety of car classes, they are breaking all cars down into three main categories; Street, Mild, and Show. The Following are breakdowns of the classes and some possible contenders up for show.


Street Class – This class is for cars with light to moderate modifications, often focusing on one area of the car. IE: Fully built motor in a sleeper style. It could also include light modifications to every part, IE: lip kit, wheels, intake/exhaust, and minor stereo or interior work. No significant body work should be done for this class.


Mild Class – Mild class are for cars with a significant amount of work done. Any significant body modifications and/or heavy modifications to the two of the three main categories (Interior, Exterior, and Engine) will put you into mild. Body kits, custom paint work, custom body work, etc.


Show Class – Reserved for the best of the best. A full show car will have everything done, from the motor, interior, exterior, display and more.

As the Sun starts to drop the show will be running strong, the day long party doesn’t stop until 10 at night. The Awards ceremony where the victors will be crowned will fall later into the night. Hand fabricated and custom powder coated awards, in addition to cash and prizes, will be going to those considered best of show.


Not Only does the car show include a category for bikes, but the action on track will include some 2 wheel madness as well.  Proffessional Long Distance motocross jumper and previous world record holder; Ryan Capes, will be performing a Secret jump during the event. 



Evergreen Drift has approached the event with An Open invite 5/8ths drift competition that is outside of our Pro-Am points competition. What that means is that any 5/8ths capable driver is welcome to come battle it out for the largest cash purse we’ve ever been able to award. With our Major Sponsors, Diversity law and Ram Trucks, we’ve been able to provide $5000, divided and awarded to the top 8 drifters. $2000 will be going to the top podium finisher.


We’ve already seen numerous drivers register, and we are just about ready to get you guys staged up to battle it out. So far our field consists of both newer unknown faces as well as seasoned local veteran drivers and Formula D Pro drivers. The following are only a few of the drivers coming out to play.


Roland Gallagher Is hot coming off his top 16 Pro finish in Las Vegas.


Kyle Pollard in his infamous PSI styled s13


Ian Fournier will be one of the Canadian descendents competing.


Rob Primo is a newly crowned pro driver.


Nik Jimenez is the 2012 season champion will be a fierce competitor.



Other drivers we have registered for the event include

Korey Keezer

Cameron Moore

Peter Funatake

Michael Klingele

Andrew Larson

Mike Phillips

Matt Van Kirk

Chris Scremin

Victor Moore

Chris Greenfield

Galen Callahan



Be Sure to come out on September 29th To Evergreen Speedway to witness and be apart of The InMotion Car show And Drift Event.


Photos provided by David Hintze of

Big Thanks to all the major event sponsors.

Including but not limited to Diversity law, Ram Trucks, and Track Attack App.



-Mat "Afrodrift" Risher


Pro-Am this year has been the best show we’ve ever had. A mix of Veteran drivers and New School talent puts both generations at war with one another.   The battles that commence on the track are intensifying, and the learning curve is pretty dang high.  These drivers have proved themselves by overcoming insane obstacles throughout the season.  And at the end of the day four new Formula Drift professional licenses will be going to the drivers with the most points. 


Qualifying was Quick but not without incident.  An unfortunate upset as Galen Callahan washed wide into the wall, his steering was busted upon impact and the bounce off left him pointing toward the inside of the bank.  The speed carried him off track and into the motocross portion of the infield in a dramatic jump and settle.  However it would not be the last wreck of the day…   


Congrats to Nik Jimenez! He was the number one qualifier and takes an automatic advance to top-8


Top 16 battles included Mike Phillips going up against Donnie Jones.  Donnie’s certainly come a long way this season, but unfortunately gets knocked out by the revamped skills and styles of Mike Phillips LS powered S13.4.


Victor Moore is second in points leading up to this round.  He would be going up against Tyler Grimsley who struggled with motor issues at the start of the season.  However Tyler has been making a strong return with his car in good order, and Tyler even takes a win onto Top 8 After victor spins.


Kelly Thorpe Had a stellar lead run against Nick Jimenez. The corolla is the lowest hp car in the Pro-Am Field but he wrestles it and makes is sing across the bank.  Two mistakes on his chase run against Nik Jimenez ended up being the deciding factor for the judges.  Nik Advanced on to top 8.


A new Face and relatively unknown driver, Ryan Brown. He definitely ended it rough with a slap against the wall in his battle against Matt Vankirk during Top 16.  The Unrelenting bank claimed another new driver, but I hope he returns to slay the beast in proper fashion.


A Fun Pair of drivers to watch. Two V8’s getting gnarly on the bank. Andre Escalante’s only mistake was a bit of overzealous angle coming into the infield.  But one heck of a good driver that has a unique style/sound with the heavy hitting iron block v8.


Mitch Johnson is another Pro-Am rookie this year.  And his 4door has no problem getting up and close to the 5/8ths wall.  A well seated Driver like Kory Keezer made top 16 quite the challenge.  Mitch had a great run on the bank but he ran a little to far off line on the infield, giving the advantage and win to Keezer.


The Final battle in top 16 was a old school/ new era dance battle. Erich Hagen vs. Jeremy Richter.  Even though underpowered, Erich chases very strongly. A ton of banana on Jeremy coming off the bank and keeps it close all the way through the infield.  Erich had a strong chase run but Jeremy was a lot stronger on the bank.  A well deserved one more time was given and the drivers returned to the start.  De-Ja-Vu on the repeat battle, drivers screaming with skill.  It wasn’t until Erich dropped a tire on the inside, that may have been one of the deciding factors in Jeremy’s win into top 8.


Top 8 Battle Breakdown Baby

Nik Jimenez vs. Tyler Grimsley.   Tyler is slightly shallow on his lead run while Nik maintains crazy smoke and angle as usual.


Matt Vankirk vs. Michael Klingele Matt Sr20 put the pressure and has no clean air on the heels of Klingele.


Rob Primo vs. Kory Keezer.  A loud and insane rematch between these two.  With Kory Taking the win by getting just an insane gap on Primo.


Jeremy Richter vs. Mike Phillips.   Richter Was riding the wall and had a crazy but had a big correction on the infield. However Phillips too had a minor mistake. So Judges decided on a one more time. In The next heat didn’t last long however. Although Mike Drove strong all day came to a sudden slow stop. So Jeremy Got the win with mikes mechanical failure.






Final Four!

Matt Vankirk has a correction on the bank behind Nik Jimenez’s lead.  While in chase, Nick charges hard and has little to no clean air in front of him; so Nik Advances on to the finals while Matt Stays back to battle for 3rd.


Keezer Blasts away from Jeremy Richter during their top four fight.  Jeremy succumbs to technical issues and ends up giving the win to Keezer, but still within reach of podium if he can get back to the line against Matt Vankirk. All Seems well as both drivers to the line and head off to battle for 3rd.  Jeremy drops the ball and spins on his lead run giving the final podium to Matt Vankirk.


The Final Battle of the Day ended with a bang fireworks. Kory Keezer vs. Nik Jimenez.  Two hard charging drivers.  In the First run,  Kory sacrifices a little bit of angle to keep an exciting chase on Nik, and finishes  the run right on his bumper.


Kory’s lead run will go down in history.  As He typically rode the bank, this time came in a little too hot, washes out and rides the wall like “sonic the hedgehog”.  A front wheel breaks at the spokes and goes flying on its own down the front straight.  Nik Jimenez chases the rolling wheel and with a full lock finish, secures his place on top podium for the Final Round of Pro-Am




Along with the top spot in podium. Nik Jimenez, driving with the help of Fiend Performance, Factory 83, Sixteenth letter, and Apexi, takes home the title of 2012 Evergreen Drift Pro-Am Champion And secures his 2013 Formula Drift professional license.  Victor Moore, Jeremy Richter, and Rob Primo all get their licenses as well will go on to represent the northwest in the upcoming 2013 Formula Drift season

-Mat “AfroDrift” Risher




Photo Credits:

Ken Arnold II photography. Griffin Ross. Big Boy Media. Matt Larson photography.

Allways Reckless. Gwag Designs. Blat Blat Pew Pew. Kyle Robertson






This Year our Final round of grassroots and Pro-Am competition was held during the Evergreen State fair, which set a proper festive mood behind the cumulating efforts of the season.  After rolling past “Carney-camp” and heading into the event, the usual large turnout made me anxious to get things started.  At the end of the day would be crowning a new grassroots champion, new pro-am champion, and I would also be awarding 4 new Formula D professional Licenses.


The sounds of fun and the smell of fair food was lingering the whole event.  Dropping stomachs in the morning as drivers made their preparations and got ready for practice.  I took advantage of my free time and grabbed a bag of scones; fair scones are the breakfast of champions.


Grassroots saw its share of both new talent, and returning favorites.  Dio Ortiz of Nissan Parts Debuts his new vinyl wrapped s13 type x. And Congrats to Gaelen Norman of Northwest Nissans, he took top qualifier in grassroots. 


Casey Torres was back in his new car, the Fatsack Drifters/ Intec Racing convertible s13.4, unfortunately met the wall before the big competition due to broken tie rod.  The rest of qualifying went fairly smoothly and we had our top 32 drivers for grassroots set in stone.


Top 32 even saw some close battles. A One more time was called between the SC300 of Tom Ake and the Ford Mustang GT.  Bro Stang drivers name always seems to escape me, but he has been a blast to watch progress this season.  Tom as well running strongly on his run and ended with an exclamation wall tap.


Trevor Mohror, in his potato cannon, coming from Idaho and taking the win over Tommy Bennys.


Also saw the first competition showing of the Hotboys turbo Miata, Jordan Hall from Canada, but he too fell victim to a spin.


We Had made our way to top 16.  The Judges were realizing that the calls were getting close.  One very close Pseudo tandem was between Canadian Joey Portelli and Kristian Watkins.  Team Midnighters got the advance but Kristians performance was great and he’s looking really strong with the new power and changes he’s made


Trevor Mohror went up against Nikki San Miguel in Top 16.  Trevor spun on his first run after looking really strong. Nikki did have a big correction coming off the bank on one of her runs, but a good save and decent finish lead her on to top 8.  Which would be her best finish thus far!


Clayton McWade drove well for his first event on at new SR20. Beating out Peter Taylor who continues to hold strong in his KA S14.


Another American – Canadian battle, but quiet carnage ensues as Marc-Andre falls out of drift and heads to the pit after one of his runs; due to either a broken axle or something.  Giving the advance to John Raymer.


The 1st Grassroots tandem battle of the day paired Jesse Hayes and Trais Taylor.  Drivers were setting up for a proper battle making strong initiations on the bank, but Taylor spun in front on the bank, so Jesse Hays advanced on to the top 8.


Our Top 8 in Grassroots started with Gaelen N going up in a friendly battle against his Canadian brethren Joey Portelli.  Joey took the win. 


The highlight of the top 8 was when Nikki was paired up against Chris Goldie wells.  Chris laid down a high line on the bank, and set the bar high for Nikki.  Going into her final run she made the right move and tried to get close to the wall, but ended up washing a lil to wide… the result was a spectacular crash into tires sending them everywhere along with dirt and debris alike.  She walked away giggling…


Pressure was on in the Final Four.  Everyone wants in on Podium! Possibly having motor problems, Rocker Chris was knocked out by Joey Portelli, who remained consistent. It was another close battle between Travis Takamori and John Raymer, but Travis spun on his second run so he ends up paired with Rocker Chris while John will go on to battle Portelli.



Battle For 3rd.  A High line on the bank from Rocker Chris into a nice tight inside line around the 2nd clipping point.  But he cuts his line on the last two clipping points and spins out through the hairpin.  Takamori answers with a flawless 1st run.  Chris cleaned things up on his second run, but it was too little too late as Travis Takamori rocks another solid run for a ride into 3rd place!


Final Fight! Joey Portelli was down to the last of life on his tires.  Was strong on his first run but was lacking a little bit of speed.  Johnathan Raymer would be a tough opponent as both of these guys have been clean and progressive all season long.  Joey was the veteran having a previous season under his belt ranking fairly well in 2011, but this was Johnathan Raymer's first year competing, and was not going to make things easy for Joey.  Raymer had a decent start but fell off line during the hairpin.  Things were fairly even at this point.  The Canadian Cleans it up on his final run just enough to pull the advantage over Raymer and take the #1 spot on podium. 


A Great Finish for the Grassroots Season.  2013 will certainly see more new drivers and tighter competition.



Continue Reading our blog! Stay Tuned for coverage from EVD80  Pro-Am championship!








Photo Credits:

Ken Arnold II photography. Griffin Ross. Big Boy Media. Matt Larson photography.

Allways Reckless. Gwag Designs. Blat Blat Pew Pew. Kyle Robertson