October 2011

Here is a video from EVD69 from GwagDesigns to get you excited for Saturday.

NK Racing pilot Nikolay Konstantinov gives you a ride along of the alternate course we ran plus see Kelly Thorp's maiden voyage on the 5/8ths in the 1UZFE V8 green Corolla! Tons of other local EVD drivers ripping it up as well!



You can view some shots from the event from our fine photographers here:

We're throwing a Halloween party to close out the season. Come for a full day of drifting and save big with the Combo ticket to get a VIP pass included to the on site Evergreen Scaregrounds Haunted House. VIP passes get the express line and unlimited times through. Hang out in the Graveyard Lounge in between trips through the house.

Note that there are some old season filers out there with the wrong date. It all happens on SATURDAY the 29th. We'll have costume contests and prizes for the best outfits and decorated cars!

See the Event Page for full details! Check in at the Facebook Event Page and invite your friends.

This event is shaping up to be epic with Drift Safari making an appearance and several of the local NW pros like Ian Forunier, Walker Wilkerson, and Kyle Pollard planning on coming out for some tandem action.

Remember - Rules requires everyone in the pits to have close toed shoes and all volunteers, drivers, crew members working on cars, and media must have full length pants.

Please keep costumes PG13 family friendly!

Let's make this the most epic event of the season!







Local driver Nikki San Miguel has been selected from over 250 applicants to participate in the ASD Mob program.

Nikki showed great dedication by attending practically every drift event in western Washington to achieve her dream of drifting in the pro ranks.

She is one of a handful of female drifters in the Northwest and her distinctive pink colored S13 dubbed "The Pink Piglet" is a crowd favorite.

Congratulations to Nikki and we look forward to seeing you compete at Evergreen Drift during the 2012 season.  

Tyler Grimsley will also continue to represent the ASD Mob in the Evergreen Drift ProAm series. Tyler dialed in his car and tamed the 5/8ths bank competing in his first ProAm season and he is all set to make a run for the championship in 2012.

Full Press Release via The Jackstand

Congratulations to the 2012 ASD Mob Members


After countless hours reviewing over 250 applications, we have finally made our selections for the 2012 ASD Mob program. This year was incredibly difficult to choose between the applications since there were so many really talented drivers who are ready for this program. This year has been such a great success for the Mob drivers, and supporting partners like Falken Tire, Enkei Wheels, The Driveshaft Shop, Mechanix Wear, Heatshield Products and many others. We are also excited to announce we are adding a number of other amazing deals to the 2012 ASD Mob through companies like HRE Wheels and many others.


We will be contacting the 10 new ASD Mob members Monday to organize their all expense paid trip to the ASD Mob chassis seminar in Charlotte NC, get their login details for the ASD Mob forum, and all the other benefits from the program that will be effective starting Monday.


Without further ado, we’d like to congratulate the 2012 ASD Mob Members –


Brock White – Fort Worth, TX

Lee Alexander – Knoxville, MD

Tanner Munson – Hinesburg, VT

Brian Kraft – Denver, CO

Tyler Grimsley – Port Angeles, WA

Nikki San Miguel – Bothell, WA

Brody Goble – White Rock, BC

Brian Skiba – Charlotte, NC

Tyler Clayton – Atlanta, GA

Stewart Leask – Dallas, TX


Some of you may be thinking, “Weren’t some of those guys in the 2011 program?” As you might know, for 2011 we had a “Prospect” group of 5 guys that didn’t make it as full “Members” for 2011. We decided not to do the Prospect program for 2012 to allow us to focus our efforts on strictly the ten selected members for the year. Some of the prospects from 2011 were chosen for the 2012 ASD Mob as full members.


We’d like to again thank all of the people who applied for this coming year’s ASD Mob program, and encourage any of you who did not make it this year to apply again next year!