January 2011

Abbitt was able to finish is 2010 FD Irwindale round edit and it is now up for all to enjoy. It has the most ProAm content of any Irwindale video yet so see if you can spot Evergreen locals Mike Phillips, Walker Wilkerson, Kyle Pollard, Nik Jimenez, Andrew Coomes, Ian Fournier, Nikolay Konstantinov in car as well as cameos by Yoshi Shindo, Justin Shreeve, Russell O'Connell, and Victor Moore!

Another solid edit for Abbitt in the bin an worth the wait!

425 Motorsports has posted a great interview with Kenneth Pitts.


Kenneth is a long time Evergreen driver and an all around good guy. He helps out with tech and has been a big contributor volunteering his time and doing work at events.

His natural talent makes him a blast to watch on the track and he has been a serious contender in the Grassroots series.  Kenneth will be one of the new guys stepping up to ProAm for 2011 and has the skills to give the more experienced guys a run for their money.

To get the full story, jump on over to the 425 article!

Fitted Life has selected their list of the eight best drift filmmakers in 2010.

Fitted life said this about the selection criteria:

"From the UK to the States, these individuals kept drifting fun and displayed cinematography at a constant high. The list was compiled based on character, personality and film style. These are filmmakers who shoot for the love of drifting and stay passionate about their work."

The Northwest video guys listed were Justin Shreeve, Abbitt Wilkerson, and Ryan Davis.

Evergreen and the Northwest scene has long known our media guys are as awesome as our drivers and it's exciting to see them innovate and get recognized on the national level.

Check out the Fitted Life post to watch the videos selected to highlight these guy's work.

The annual ProAm issue from Wrecked is out and features local boys Kyle Pollard, Peter Funatake, and Walker Wilkerson.

These three from Evergreen Drift were the ones to come out on top in 2010 and were awarded FD Pro licenses for this season.

Check out the interviews for all the 2010 ProAm class to get the details the challenge of earning a Pro license and what they plan on doing with it in 2011.

Wrecked Magazine - Issue 18


And big kudos to Wrecked for giving press to the ProAm guys!