October 2010

Dustin aka Sideline Northwest has taken all the best footage from the season and put it into one big old video. It has a bunch of shots from most of the ProAm rounds.

This is how Dustin writes up the the video description:

"First and foremost, I'd like to thank Russell O'Connell as well as everyone on the Evergreen Drift staff for giving me the privilege to get out and do my thing at Evergreen Drift, at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA.

I always have a good time at Evergreen. I love the people, the cars, and the vast amount of shots you can arrange.

This was done over the summer of 2010, in junction with Evergeen Drift's Evergreen Drift Championship ProAM series.

Shot on a Canon T2i with the stupid stock lens."

Ian Fournier gets a good write up in the DSport review from the Formula Drift finals.

"Ian Fournier, rookie and former Pro-Am alumni, delivered an awesome performance, going head-to-head with Takatori and forcing a "One More Time" (OMT) rerun of the pass. However, Takatori was on point, outshining the rookie and making his second Final Four appearance."


Photo Source: DSport

Read the full article and check the rest of the pictures.

Source: DSport Mag

Justin Shreeve is a Evergreen local from Oregon. He has been super dedicated making the trek from Oregon up to the Evergreen Drift events and also traveling to all of this year's FD rounds with the MotorMavens crew.

His videos started out top notch but his skills have quickly progressed to mind blowing and are full of innovation.

Behold his masterpiece from FD Round 7 that also includes clips of the ProAm guys Pat Cyr, Kyle Pollard, and Nik Jimenez's love tap to the inner bank wall in the top 16 round.

Be sure to kick over to Justin's MotorMavens post to read his take on Round 7 and the FD season.

Larry Chen's Irwindale gallery is up for your viewing pleasure.

Here are a few select images as a tease. Be sure to look through them all.


You can support Larry's fine work by purchasing his stickers.

Videos from the biggest event in Drifting in the USofA.

More to come as it drops.

Check out Larry Chen of DriftFotos.com photo blog on Speedhunters


He captured several of our local boys in his recap and fabulous photos.

Ian Fournier does the signature Larry Chen jump shot.


I love how Larry gets the inside of the car lit up in this type of shot. Niko - Pre missile conversion.


Kyle Pollard - Corolla with the heart of a S2000. Kyle kept the TPS at 100% from initiation to bank exit and excited FD chief judge Andy Yen.


Hit the story link for more awesome photos and buy some sticker from www.driftfotos.com.

Here is your guide on where to find the goods with all the coverage for both the 2010 ProAm nationals and FD Round 7 'Title Fight'.

Keep checking back as we'll add to the list as we uncover more treasures out on the internet.

DriftStream Archives




Enjoy all the coverage from these amazing events!

Way to go Walker Wilkerson with a 2nd place finish in ProAm!


Kyle Pollard eliminated Nik Jimenez in the rounds of 16. Kyle made it trough the Great 8.

Both Walker and Kyle were awarded 2011 Formula Drift Pro licenses.

Even though Andrew Coomes, Mike Phillips, and Nik Jimenez did not get awarded licenses they represented themselves well and the experience will give them a head start to return next year and go for it again.

Ian Fournier made it to the Great 8 in the FD Pro competition nursing a sick engine. This is the best result of his rookie year.

Nikolay's team with help and parts from many fellow competitors in the paddock was able to get his car running in time for the top 32. Nikolay gave a great chase run against 2010 Champion Vaughn Gitten Jr. before his car's ECU went into limp mode on the second run with Niko leading. Nikolay bowed gracefully out of the way and let Vaughn safely by to finalize the championship for the season.

You can go back and watch all the action at the DriftStream archive videos: http://www.justin.tv/driftstream/videos

We'll post up all the great photos and video from this event as it becomes available and we return to a real internet connection!


So here are the quick and dirty Northwest results:


  • Nik Jimenez - #14
  • Walker Wilkerson - #8
  • Kyle Pollard - #3
  • Andrew Coomes - Holed his radiator on the warmup run, missed first qualifying run, and spun his second qualifying run.
  • Mike Phillips - Spins on both qualifying runs. : (


  • Both Nikolay and Ian qualified in the top 32!
  • Roland wasn't able to make the cut.
  • Full official results

Check out the Pro qualifying runs at the Drift Stream archive videos: http://www.justin.tv/driftstream/videos

In the evening practice Nikolay had a accident and bent up the front end of his car pretty good. We're not sure on the damage yet but let's hope he can get it running for tomorrows top 32!

The Evergreen Drift ProAm guys have all arrived safely and completed the first day of practice intact

Walker did manage to hit a road kill bear with the trailer some where in NorCal bending up an axle. The bent axle killed a tire so after a good pressure wash, tire change, and axle straighten Walker and company made it to LA.

The Evergreen Drift banner is up on the NWN canopy thanks to Mike Phillips!


FD Pro practice was up first and Ian Fournier, Nikolay Konstantinov, and Roland Gallagher are looking strong and ready to rock. The Pro field is stacked with lots of entries so they have their work cut out to qualify in the top 32.

For ProAm practice Mike Phillips was the first to have some problems. His ring gear decided to blow up doing his first warmup burnout! He missed practice but has sourced another diff and will be ready to rock at tomorrows practice before qualifying.

Andrew Coomes missed out on some run time while trying to fix a oil blowby issue but as he has drifted at Toyota Speedway two times before he was able to put down some clean runs in short order.

Walker Wilkerson, Nik Jimenez, and Kyle Pollard got in lots of trouble free runs and got better and better as the session went on. All three are looking good putting in solid qualifying worthy runs and running really close to the inner bank wall like gangsters!

Props to the guys from Vegas Drift for running operations for the ProAm Nationals.

There are 20+ drivers at Nationals this year and everyone is trying to qualify for Saturday's Top 16 battle. The depth of talent is markedly improved over the last two years Nationals events so the fans should get a great show and the drivers will have to fight from start to finish to get to the podium and earn their pro licenses.

If you can't make it to Toyota Speedway catch all the action on the Drift Stream!

The session times to tune in are:


  • ProAm Practice - 11:30am to 1pm
  • Pro Practice - 1pm to 4pm
  • Pro Qualifying - 4pm to 6pm
  • ProAm Qualifying - 7pm to 9pm
  • Pro Practice - 9pm to 10pm


  • ProAm Practice - 1pm to 2pm
  • FD Practice - 2pm to 3pm
  • ProAm Top 16 Main Event - 3pm to 4pm
  • Pro Top 32 Main Event - 4pm to 5:45pm
  • Pro Opening Ceremonies - 7:30pm
  • Pro Top 16 8pm to 10pm

Also, Justin Shreeve, Abbitt Wilkerson, and Yoshi Shindo are on the case and have the media on lock down. Hit up MotorMavens for the fruits of their labor.

Stay tuned to EvergreenDrift.com and on Facebook for updates on all the Northwest drift crew. Let's see if the ProAm guys can take home the win like Ian Fournier did last year!