September 2010


Come witness the first Annual 2 day Big Foot Bash!  This will be the best drifting in WA history!

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Day 1// Friday September 24th // Evergreen Speedway

  • 12PM - 8PM (Back gate closes at 6pm)
  • $ 20 - Pit pass
  • $10 - Grandstands


Day 2// Saturday September 25th // PGP Motorsports Park

  • 11 AM to 5:30 PM
  • $ 15 - entry
  • + $10 - for ride alongs

Evergreen Drift specifics -

Volunteers Wanted!

  • Evergreen Needs Volunteers for Friday 9/24. If you can show up and help work all day Friday you get a free pit pass and the best seat in the house right next to the on track action! We have open positions for many different course working positions. We'll need enough volunteers to so we can fill all shifts allowing workers fee time to hang out and enjoy the event. Please register HERE to volunteer.

Media Registration

  • Media personnel that have an Evergreen Drift Media pass lanyard are pre-approved. Media that do not have a lanyard must agree and adhere to the Evergreen Drift Media Policy register online HERE.


This event will be unlike anything seen before so don't miss this final full track party of the Northwest drift season!


Update! - A limited amount of VIP ticket packages are available. See the FD Blog for details!

Are you thinking about going to the final FD round on October 8th and 9th? Last year this event sold out to 15,000 crazed drifting fans that got to witness some of the best drifting action ever. Escape the dreary Northwest fall weather and head to sunny California!

Tickets are on sale now. Buy ASAP if you want to pick the best seats for the Saturday main event.

10/8/2010 - 10/9/2010 Formula Drift - 2 Day Package Toyota Speedway at Irwindale $31-$33 + fee
Sat, 10/9/2010 2:00 PM Formula Drift - Saturday Reserved Seats Toyota Speedway at Irwindale $26-$28 + fee
10/8/2010 - 10/9/2010 Formula Drift - 2 Day VIP Ticket Package Toyota Speedway at Irwindale $75 + fee


The Grassroots Championship was devised as a way for drivers of any skill level with any budget to participate in a drifting competition. With a format that allows tandem and non-tandem drivers an equal shot at the podium and a judging standard that looks for how well a driver can drive to the potential of their car a stock Corolla can go heads up against a V8 powered monster 204sx. Not everyone can afford to run ProAm or has the desire to go Pro but they still can have fun competing against their buddies.

Some drivers don't like participating in competitions but to many the challenge of pushing themselves to the limit, the lure of victory, and the camaraderie of  competitions is a rush not available in an open drift event and every bit as fun.

Love it or hate it, striving to achieve the judging requirements when it counts undeniably progresses drivers skill at a rapid pace. Evergreen Drift competitions on the 3/8ths bank have been the breeding ground for up and coming divers like Northwest Formula Drift pro Victor Moore, Roland Gallager and ProAm drivers Peter Funatake, Mike Phillips, and Andrew Coomes.

This season's Grassroots champion is a driver that made the podium every round, won two out of three events, and took top qualifier twice.

His smooth, precise, and aggressive style coupled with consistent high lines on the bank and ultra close chase tandem runs made him a fan favorite.

In a word overflowing with the ubiquitous Nissan 240sx he marches to his own beat with a unconventional drift machine. Evergreen Drift is proud to present your 2010 Grassroots Champion . . . (Drum roll and click the more link)

'Miata' Mike Lukomskiy!


That's right - you just got beat by a Miata!


The top 3 finishers of the 2010 season -

  1. Mike Lukomskiy
  2. Tyler Grimsley
  3. Marc-Andre Tatto

nwnsmNorthwest Nissans is proud award the top three finishers in the Grassroots series a  Club Membership for a year. NWN has been the backbone of the local drift scene and longtime Evergreen Drift Supporter. With these memberships the guys will be eligible for 2011 NWN ProAm sponsorship contest should they decide to join the ProAm ranks.

Grassroots is about every driver. Each one represents some one who stepped up, participated in the challenge, and put on a show for the fans. Evergreen drift would like to recognize and thank all 46 drivers that participated in the season:

  1. Mike Lukomskiy
  2. Tyler Grimsley
  3. Marc-Andre Tatto
  4. Casey Torres
  5. Kelly Thorpe
  6. Ket Voang
  7. Nick Schnell
  8. Chris Armstrong
  9. Will Harris
  10. Julia O’Connell
  11. Kenneth Pitts
  12. Nathan Robinson
  13. Kohei Nakuamura
  14. Joseph Portelli
  15. Gaelen Norman
  16. Seth Lin
  17. Andrew Larson
  18. Garret Therriault
  19. Pete Schroeder
  20. Mike Phillips
  21. Erich Hagen
  22. Takeshi Watanabe
  23. Shain Cannon
  24. Brad Elder
  25. Chris Greenfield
  26. Anthony Carreon
  27. Darren Kurtz
  28. Alex Wieder
  29. Ronen Kaplan
  30. Brandon Franulovic
  31. Kellan Bulman
  32. Kenneth Murray
  33. Jeremy Thornes
  34. Joseph Hopper
  35. Jacob Richards
  36. Joseph Iglesias
  37. Nik Jimenez
  38. Ruslan Morinskiy
  39. Rocky Chavana
  40. Jordan Petterson
  41. Jeff Sideras
  42. Markus Josephson
  43. Mike Pierce
  44. Ty Gold
  45. Zach Hornberger
  46. Andre Escalante

The detailed season results can be found here.

Thanks our drivers, fans, sponsors, volunteers, and media for making the 2010 Grassroots Championship fun and exciting. See  you in 2011. . . . .

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The tire smoke has settled on the 2010 season of Evergreen Drift Grassroots competition.


Left to Right: Tyler Grimsley, Mike Lukomskiy, Ket Voang - Photo: Leon Cheung

'Miata' Mike has taken his second straight first place finish and put down a very decisive top qualifying run!

1st Mike Lukomskiy - $200 + Campbell Nelson Nissan product
2nd Ket Voang - $150 + Campbell Nelson Nissan product
3rd Tyler Grimsley - $120 + Campbell Nelson Nissan product
4th Pete Schroeder

Top Qualifier: Mike Lukomskiy - $25 Longacre Racing Product Certificate

Event results for all drivers can be found here.

Full Season Standings here.

For this event an outer clipping zone at the end of the 'Power Alley' was added to help the drivers shoot for a late transition leading to a better run at the last two clipping points. The drivers adapted quickly to the extra mark to hit and improved their line with much better speed and dynamics through the tight and technical final hairpin.

There were several good tandem battles like this one between Andrew Larson in his zombie Z33 and Miata Mike.


Erich Hagen made a return to competition and the judges prompted nicknamed his E30 "Gravedigger" for it's green color scheme!


In all 18 drivers showed up on a gray but dry day and has some fun killing tires and punting clipping points. Below is the Great 8 lineup during opening ceremonies.


For more pictures check these links. Thanks to our media guys for all their hard work hiking around the track all day and editing pictures all night to rep the Northwest scene. We love you guys!


Evergreen Drift thanks our sponsors who have supported us this season!

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Tis the season for Champions! In the first two rounds 40 drivers have competed in the Grassroots Championship and the final round is Sunday! Sunday Sunday!

"Miata" Mike Lukomskiy has the #1 target on his back in the overall standings with Tyler Grimsley and Nick Schnell in 2nd and 3rd. Regardless of where they finish in the points all competitors will enjoy the camaraderie and reap the benefits of improving their game facing the challenges of grassroots competition.

The Grassroots series is uniquely designed to allow drivers of all experience levels compete with an equal shot at reaching the podium. The judging criteria is based on how well a driver pushes their car to the limit putting mildly modified cars on an even footing with the high power cars.

The bracket eliminations are set up to allow both tandem and non tandem drivers compete head to head to experience the challenge of drift competition. If both drivers don't meet the tandem safety requirements they will compete in a Pseudo Tandem battle where each driver takes solo runs with the best driver advancing to the next round.

This is a run what you brung, fight to the finish drift battle for all drivers who want to experience the thrill of competition. Trophies, fabulous prizes, and money are up for grabs on the podium.

Event Info //

Schedule subject to change.

Driver Registration //

Competitors are required to Pre-register online for judging and scoring. Payment is on site day of the event but we need all drivers to register to make the Judges jobs easier.

MotorsportReg Online Reg Form

You can see who has registered here.

Media - Mandatory pre-registration is available at the same link. Thank you!

Payment //

  • $100 Competition Drivers
  • $20 pit pass
  • $10 Grandstands (Kids under 12 free)

No prepay - Cash or check only (not able to accept credit cards).

Payment is on site only - first come first served.

Full driver information is on the Registration Page and the Driver Information Page. The competition rules can be found here.

Additional info for:

Must Know Highlights:

// Top 32 Tandem - This event will run top 32 bracket eliminations giving the maximum number of drivers a chance to experience head to head drift competition. Drivers who get knocked out in the top 32 will get an extra set of runs to ensure everyone gets about the same amount of seat time.

// The competition format and rules gives all entrants an equal chance to make it to the #1 spot.

All entrants who pass tech are eligible to join the Mishimoto Loves Drifters discount club to save up to 50% on Mishimoto cooling products.  Be sure to ask your tech inspector to fill out the form if you want to participate.

When the tire smoke settles trophies, prize money, and product will be awarded to the top 3 finishers and top qualifier.

  • 1st $200
  • 2nd $150
  • 3rd $120
  • Top Qualifier - $25 Longacre Product Certificate!

After the event is over everyone is invited to head over to Canyons in Monroe for the after party with the drivers and Evergreen Drift staff!

Official After Party of Evergreen Driftcanyonslogosm

Presented by:

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Local boy Nikolay Konstantionv has typed up a thoroughly entertaining recount of his adventures at the Vegas FD round. 

Hit the jump to read the full story with pictures! - Random Driver Dopeness >>> Nikolay Konstantinov “In Motherland, car drift you”


Formula Drift gives each ProAm series a Wildcard invitation to the ProAm Nationals. ProAm Nationals is the 'Super Bowl' of amateur drifting in North America and the top finishers from all the ProAm series across the continent compete to earn the limited number of Formula Drift professional licenses awarded at this event.

The Evergreen Drift drivers in the running for the Wild Card made it a very tough decision for the staff. In the end Walker Wilkerson was selected.

Walker is a long time Evergreen Drift driver and has shown a great amount of talent and drive.


Good luck at nationals Walker!


The tire smoke has settled on the 2010 Evergreen Drift Northwest ProAm Championship.

Congratulations to the Round 5 podium finishers:

  1. Kyle Pollard (Top Qualifier)
  2. Andrew Coomes
  3. Mike Phillips

Full Round 5 results here.

Evergreen Drift thanks Longacre Racing and Campbell Nelson Nissan for their continued support.

With all 5 rounds in the bag we have the season results and Formula Drift license and invite results:

  1. Peter Funatake - Formula Drift Pro License
  2. Mike Phillips - ProAm Nationals Invitation
  3. Andrew Coomes - ProAm Nationals Invitation
  4. Kyle Pollard - ProAm Nationals Invitation
  5. Nik Jimenez - ProAm Nationals Invitation

Full 2010 Season Results here.

The Wild Card invite is still in deliberation and will be announced shortly!

Our media guys are busy posting all the photos from the event so check back for more media and hit Leon Cheung's Flickr set from the event.

We look forward to the ProAm nationals in October and will be rooting for all the Evergreen Drift drivers to bring home even more Formula Drift Pro licenses!