April 2010

Evergreen Drift NW ProAm Championship Round 1 Flyer

Its on! Join us for the kickoff to the Evergreen Drift Northwest ProAm Championship round #1.

We're turning the pits into a big forum meet up hosted by Northwest Nissans. Grab your buddies from your favorite online community and showoff your rides! If you are interested in being the organizer for your forum email drift@evergreendrift.com for more details.

The Evergreen Drift ProAm drivers will be ripping up the full sized pro course and letting it all hang out making this the craziest place to spend your Friday night with all your buddies.

Click through to the event details page for full event information including online pre-registration for drivers and media, schedule, prices, and car meet details.

Let's show 'em how the Northwest rolls!


We spoke with the Fire Marshall when he stopped by the Open Drift event. He is a laid back, cool dude and will be stopping by all the events to help verify compliance.

The Marshall was able to clarify the requirements and they are actually less stringent than originally posted. That will save most people money.

Drift cars without trailers are only required to have one 5lb extinguisher. If you trailer your car you'll need 10lbs of fire fighting power and we'll accept one 10lb or two 5lb bottles.

Here is the updated rule:

  • Every vehicle driving in the event  must have a fire extinguisher readily accessible and in plain sight located in the driver's pit spot for the duration of the event. Cars without a trailer must have minimum of one 5lb extinguisher. Cars with a trailer must have one 10lb or two 5lb extinguishers. The extinguishers must be fully charged and should be rated 2A:10B:C or 10B:C at minimum. You must have your extinguisher(s) with you at tech inspection for verification.

You may not know but there are several differences between the consumer grade extinguishers carried by hardware stores and other retailers that have plastic heads and the commercial grade extinguishers carried by fire extinguisher specialty stores.

Advantages // commercial vs consumer units:

  • More durable metal head
  • Does not leak over time
  • Better warranty
  • Can be refilled for $16.50/5lb (plastic head extinguishers are not refillable)
  • Certified
  • No shipping charges if picked up in store
  • Usually have higher UL Rating due to better extinguishant

Due to the hazardous shipping charges for pressurized containers  you are better off purchasing locally from a store than trying to mail order one.

To get a commercial grade extinguisher you'll need to check the yellow pages for a local fire extinguisher retailer.

The Speedway uses Evergreen Fire and Safety in Lynnwood, WA. They are offering discounts to Evergreen Drift drivers to help them out. Just mention that you are an Evergreen Drift/Evergreen Speedway driver and ask for the Contractor Pricing.


  • 5lb - $48.50
  • 10lb - $74.75

Contractor Walk in Pricing

  • 5lb - $41.22
  • 10lb - $63.53

Remember, all events for the rest of the season will require full compliance with this rule so get your extinguisher before the next event. If you show up to tech without your pit extinguisher you'll be sent packing to the store to get one before you'll be allowed to run.

Also, Take some time to look through this short online demo about the different kinds of fire extinguishers and how to use them.


Thanks for your understanding and cooperation with this new requirement.

The Evergreen Drift season has officially begun with our first Open Drift event in the bag.

The event used 3 different tracks for non stop drifting insanity all day long.

The old school 3/8ths course is now officially dubbed the 'Competition Course'.  Drivers who are not comfortable with drifting the whole bank get assigned to this course to level up their skills.

The experienced drivers that can clear the whole bank were let loose on the Hot Lap course that was successfully debuted during the Invitational event. The genius of the Hot Lapping format is that two groups of drivers can be on course at the same time doubling the number of runs we can do in a day. Whats not to like about more runs?

It also steps up the challenge with much faster speeds on the bank. A couple of drivers got caught out by these increased speeds with Primo kissing a tire slightly denting his Type X bumper and headlight and Russell's spectacular shunt after misjudging his entry speed.

The only issue is the extra stress of 3 consecutive Hot Lap runs kills your tires faster and your car has to be solid. With all the extra runs we're throwing at you make sure your car is dialed so you don't miss out on any of your run groups due to car breakage. Time to step it up!

Both Andrew Coomes and Mike Phillips took runs on the ProAm 5/8ths course getting ready for the first ProAm round on 5/7.  Note to all ProAm drivers: The 5/8ths will be open every Open Drift event for you to test and practice! Take advantage of it.

Thanks to all the volunteers, drivers, and the fans who showed up for a great day of drifting.

Here are the pretty pictures to prove what went down.


Cold Track Days by Danny Sullivan


Hit the jump for tons of photos and video action.

Photos: (Click links for lots more)

Jeff Santiago

K. Hayes

Brandon Thai

NW Auto Photo

Griffin Ross

Jesse Ian / Media Phantasy

Moving Pictures:

The online community Northwest Nissans (aka NWN) has cooked up a cool contest to select one worthy driver to represent them in the Evergreen Drift Northwest ProAm Championship series.


Applications must be in by April 22!

Click the image for details!

If you have what it takes to compete in the Evergreen Drift Northwest ProAm Championship submit your application ASAP. Make it a good one because NWN will select the most qualified applicants and the members will vote to select the winner of the sponsorship. This is an excellent example of the grassroots community supporting its own.

To become a NWN Club member, follow the link:

Drivers // Open Drifts RULE.  Last chance practice before the 1st ProAm comp!

Fans // Come watch tandem trains and watch us spin out all siiiickkk.

Details //

  • Date - 4-11-2010
  • Location - Evergreen Speedway at the fairgrounds in Monroe, WA
  • Drifting from 11am to 5pm
  • Pit gate opens at 10am
  • Drivers - $80
  • Pit pass - $20
  • Grandstands - $10 (kids under 12 free)

Full event information is on the Registration Page

Additional info for:

Presented by:




After the event is over be sure to head over to Canyons in Monroe for
the after party with the drivers and Evergreen Drift staff!

- Official After Party of Evergreen -

Qualifying for Long Beach starts at noon 4/9 and FD's new live stream web coverage is on.

On air schedule

  • Friday 4/9 12pm - 5pm
  • Saturday 4/10 11pm - 7pm

Watch Evergreen Drift locals Ian Fournier, Roland Gallagher, and Victor Moore rip it up in FD!

If you can't make it to Long Beach watch it on Evergreen Drift on our FD Life Stream page!

For event info visit FD's site: Formula Drift Round 1 - Long Beach

For updates on the Northwest Drivers see:

Ian - http://www.driftsafari.com/blog
Victor - http://www.victormooreracing.com/
Roland - Roland Gallagher FaceBook

evdlogoforumsz- Attention all drivers -

The Fire Marshall is requiring all race cars at Evergreen Speedway to have fire extinguishers in their pit area during events.

In response to this requirement the following rule has been added for all Evergreen Drift events.

  • Every vehicle driving in the event  must have a minimum of one 10lb or two 5lb extinguishers easily accessible, and in plain sight in your pit area for the duration of the event. The extinguishers must be fully charged and should be rated 2A:10B:C or 10B:C at minimum. You must have your extinguisher(s) with you at tech inspection for verification.

Due to the short notice prior to the 4/11 event drivers will still be allowed to participate if they do not meet this rule. We will use additional Speedway extinguishers to supplement the pit area as needed.

For all events after 4/11 all drivers will be required to have conforming extinguishers for each car drifting in the event.

Extinguishers can be purchased at your local hardware store and the many fire safety specialist shops listed in the yellow pages. Due to size and hazardous shipping charges we recommend purchasing from a retailer.  5lb extinguishers start at $40 and 10lb at $70. You may want to consider purchasing a unit with a metal head as they are more durable and can be recharged and reused saving you money in the long run.

While this represents a significant cost and extra burden of hauling more gear to the track it just might save your car or a buddy should a serious fire break out in the pits. The ProAm guys will remember FD '09 when Jeff Jone's car caught fire in the pits and Justin Elin had to grab his extinguisher to put it out quickly. Having the extinguisher on had saved the car from major damage and thankfully no one got hurt.

Evergreen Drift appreciates your understanding and compliance with this new requirement.

We received this press release from the guys at Formula Drift that highlights the rapid growth of the ProAm series across the nation. Nine different regional organizations are participating in the ProAm network covering the country from coast to coast.

Evergreen Drift is one of only three ProAm organizations that will be holding a round in parallel with a Formula Drift professional round. All ProAm competitors are invited to join us January 9th and 10th to compete in front of the packed house that FD always brings to town.

All drivers who are planning on competing in any Evergreen Drift ProAm rounds are requested to fill out our competitor information form so we can provide you with critical updates on our series.


Hit the jump to see the full release.

Long Beach, Calif. – April 1, 2010 – Formula DRIFT continues expansion of the ProAm network signing 8 Formula DRIFT Affiliate Series for the 2010 season that will cover America’s top drifting markets.

Entering its seventh season, Formula DRIFT continues to be the global leader in drifting. The ProAm network bridges the gap for drivers looking to enter the Formula DRIFT professional ranks. Current Formula DRIFT professionals such as Justin Pawlak and Joon Maeng have successfully moved through the ProAm system each finishing the 2009 season within the Top 20.

“The Formula DRIFT ProAm Affiliate system is an extension to the Formula DRIFT Pro Championship,” said Jim Liaw president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “We have partnered with the nation’s most experienced regional, grassroots, and amateur organizations to help take amateur drifting to new heights. We will continue to expand this program as it progresses throughout the season”

The Formula DRIFT ProAm network consists of various regional point series that caters to the team/driver in transition from amateur to the professional level. Currently, the 9 Formula DRIFT Affiliate Series within in the ProAm network include:

Club FR – www.clubfr.net
Evergreen Drift – www.evergreendrift.com
Just Drift – www.justdrift.com
Midwest Drift Union – www.mdudrift.com
Southeast Drift – southeastdrift.com
Streetwise Drift – streetwisedrift.com
ThunderDrift – www.thunderdrift.com
Vegas Drift – www.vegasdrift.com
Xtreme Drift Circuit – www.xtremedriftcircuit.com

Each Affiliate Series will be its own point series or championship with the top finishing driver(s) in each series to receive either a 2011 Formula DRIFT Pro license or an invitation to the ProAm Nationals in October.

During 3 of the Formula DRIFT Pro Championship event weekends a ProAm event will be held in conjunction with Formula DRIFT. This includes:

Round 2 : Road to the Championship at Road Atlanta on May 7-8 operated by Streetwise Drift with driver points will go toward both the Streetwise Drift Series and the Southeast Drift Series.
Round 4 : Throwdown at Evergreen Speedway on July 9-10 operated by Evergreen Drift with points going towards the Evergreen Drift Series.
Round 5 : After Dark at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on August 20-21 operated by Vegas Drift and driver points going towards the Vegas Drift Series.

The Affiliate Series will feed the best up-and-coming drivers with many of the drivers hoping to compete at the Formula DRIFT professional level in the 2011 season.

More information regarding the 2010 Formula DRIFT ProAm Nationals will be release shortly.

For more information visit www.formuladrift.com.

For more information contact:
John Pangilinan
The ID Agency


Entering its seventh season, Formula DRIFT is recognized as the North American professional drifting championship. Established on the streets of Japan, drifting has evolved into a worldwide competitive sport that challenges each driver's driving ability and vehicle control. Formula DRIFT provides a forum for professional drifters to compete in 7 events nationwide for the coveted Formula DRIFT Championship crown. As the first official series in North America, Formula DRIFT has taken competitive motorsports to the extreme, attracting fans and car enthusiasts from all walks of life and establishes itself as the world-wide leader for the Sport. For a competition schedule and ticket information, visit: www.formuladrift.com.


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