March 2010

Golden Gardens is tomorrow!

Date: Sunday, March 28 2010
Where: Golden gardens Park (Seattle, WA)
When: 10am-2pm
Cost: none - but bring cash for food and raffle draws (both are optional - Club Members eat for free)

This is the season kickoff car show spectacular of the year that you don't want to miss.

Evergreen Drift will be on hand to talk about the upcoming season, pass out fliers, and hand out swag!

B at Campbell Nelson Nissan came through BIG TIME and gave us a ton of swag to hand out and cool items for the NWN raffle!


For the raffle we have

  • 4 Nissan Hats
  • 4 Nissan Coffee Travel Mugs
  • 5 Nismo T Shirts
  • 4 Nissan Titan T Shirts
  • 2 GTR Models
  • 1 350 Z Model
  • 4 boxes of latex mechanics gloves
  • 3 bottles of brake cleaner

We also have Campbell Nelson pens and Nissan mini screwdrivers to hand out. First come first served!

Make sure to get your Campbell Nelson business card with the Evergreen Drift account number on it so you can order parts at a huge discount.

If you are an Evergreen Drift driver show up early (a lot of the hardcore folks will get there at 7am) to get a good spot and park in the Evergreen Drift zone.

Another phenomenon happening up in the Northwest is the increase of locals getting picked up as corespondents for  various motorsports media outlets or starting their own.


Local wordsmith Lucas wrote an excellent recap and his partner in crime Yoshi provided the snaps. When complemented on his writing Lucas humbly replied "Yoshi provided the music and I just wrote the lyrics".

The Lucas/Yoshi recap can be found over on Motor Mavens.

Justin Shreeve has also lent his video skills and he re-branded his "Nothing to Worry About" video from the 14th and posted it on Motor Mavens as well. Big thanks to Antonio for giving the local kids a chance!


Cold Track Days is a local blog started by a car guy that has achieved national notoriety and audience. CTD has given several local folks a chance to showcase their writing and photography. Danny Sullivan contributed his photos and text to the Cold Track Day's coverage of the 14th.

Danny Sullivan's recap on CTD.


Make It Rain is a bunch of the kids that drive and volunteer at the Evergreen and SCCA Drift events. They also contribute by posting up the various happenings and media from our neck of the woods. Check them out!

Make It Rain's Invitational coverage

Thanks to all the writers, photographers, and video guys who show off our scene and let the world know what's happening in the Northwest!

It's no secret that the NW has videographers that are just as talented as our drifters.

As the drivers skills improve through practice so do the video guys.

Justin Shreeve managed to capture not only the on track action but the entire ethos of the event and community that makes them so great. With a well picked soundtrack and some narrative editing the day's story is retold for all to enjoy. This is the most popular video of the event with over 8,000 views to date and counting!

Hit the jump to continue the journey and see the rest of the videos from the day . . .

Matthew Risher (AKA Afro Matt/AfroDrift) serves as the announcer for our events and likes to bust out the occasional video. He captured some great on car shots. Watch till the end to ride along with Roland Gallager in the Teal Tiger as he takes a full lap of the Clockwise Hotlap course.

Patrick Keenan is a new hand to the drift scene but has the skills as an alumni of the Vancouver Film School. Check out the new Evergreen Drift animated video logo he's been working on for us.

David Hintze of Gwag Designs normally just shoots stills but he busted out a video for this event in addition to a ton of photos. Good work Sir!

All of these videos are featured on the official Evergreen Drift Vimeo Channel along with 60 other videos of past events. Check it out and subscribe to always get the latest Evergreen video action.

As a final teaser we're still waiting for the AW Films edit from this event to drop. Come on Abbitt, do work son!

On Sunday 3/14 Evergreen Drift hosted a  pre-season Invitational.

The event was originally planned to be a closed shakedown practice for the Evergreen Drift guys with FD Pro licenses to test for Long Beach. The event quickly snowballed into a full practice for Pro and ProAm drivers plus a media day to get footage for a 2010 season promo video. Apologies to all the drivers who didn't get 'on the list". We still love you!

Hit the jump to see the all the photos plus details on the exciting new hot lapping format we tested out.

With a field of solid experienced drivers we took the chance to try out a new course format. Instead of taking one run on only one side of the 3/8ths bank we allowed drivers to take 3 consecutive laps and connect both sides of the 3/8th together road course style.

Cars stage up on the 5/8ths and enter and exit the course just like a freeway onramp enabling us to run a constant stream of drivers around the track giving the fans more action and drivers more runs.

The course can be run in both clockwise and counter clockwise (or anticlockwise as the Brits say) to make two very different tracks.


The 'Anticlockwise' configuration featured a very challenging decreasing radius corner at 'CW2'. Some people hated it but others loved it. It certainly forced drivers to adapt by going from 3rd to 2nd and slowing from 50mph to 20mph make the tight corner.


The new course format was super fun but the added strain of 3 consecutive laps and the preseason gremlins conspired to keep a lot of drivers in the pits for long periods of time. The drivers that stayed out of the pits got in an insane number of laps.

The hot lap style course is so much fun we're hard at work figuring out how to make it work for the Open Drift days. The difficulty of the course is a bit much for beginners so we'll likely have two skill groups and run the old style course for beginners and the hot lap course for the advanced run group.

There were a bazillion media people in attendance. Here is a walk through of their work. Be sure to check out the links to see the rest of the photo sets.

Photo >>>

Jeff Santaigo -

Brad Elder -

20100314_belder_rolandgYoshi Shindo -

Tyler Coray -

20100314_tcoray_miatamikeDanny Sullivan -

Jesse Ian -

Gwag Designs -

Abbitt Wilkerson -

Brandon Thai -

We'll let you look through these photos and then hit you with the videos tomorrow.


Evergreen Drift is excited to join the Mishimoto Loves Drifters program. Mishimoto Loves Drifters (or MLD) is a discount club for amateur drifters that gives big discounts on Mishimoto cooling products.

Membership Includes

  • Official Membership ID Card
  • Up to 50% off all Products
  • Discounted Apparel
  • Free Decals
  • A chance at a featured bio on

Mishimoto has been a big sponsor to many of the drivers in Formula Drift and now they are helping out the average drifter with discounts and exposure on the MLD site.

Membership is open to anyone that drifts at events that are part of the MLD program. Simply bring the MLD Track Verification Form with you to the next Evergreen Drift event and we'll sign it during tech inspection. Then, fill out the online registration form to complete your application.

For more information check out the Mishimoto Loves Drifters website and the Mishmoto site to see all the products you can save money on!


Evergreen Drift requests all drivers who intend on competing in the Evergreen Drift Northwest ProAm Championship contact us for the purpose of scheduling a pre-season drivers meeting.

evd_proam_2010_logoEvergreen Drift Northwest ProAm Championship Series Description -

This is a regional championship that allows pro and amateur drivers compete for the title of Evergreen Drift Northwest ProAm Champion. This five round championship provides a platform for drivers to compete against the region's elite drifters on a recognized and demanding professional course at the Northwest's highest attended track. With rounds scheduled in conjunction with the Formula Drift professional Seattle round and the season finale during the Evergreen State Fair competitors will receive top exposure. For local drivers this represents a great value with lower travel costs to maximize your budget.

Additionally, this Formula Drift ProAm sanctioned series will award the the following license and invitations to the season's highest finishing amateur drivers:

  • #1 ranked - A Formula Drift Professional License
  • Ranked #2 - #5 - An invite to the Formula Drift ProAm National Championship with a chance to earn a FD Pro license.
  • Wildcard - Evergreen Drift officials will award one additional invitation to the ProAm Nationals.

Schedule of Events -

The most up to date schedule for all Evergreen Drift events can be found on the Schedule page.

Competitor Eligibility -

  • This series is open to any driver who's car and safety equipment meets the Evergreen Drift ProAm regulations and has the skills to compete on the Evergreen Drift 5/8ths course. This includes drivers who currently hold a license with any professional drifting organization.

How to get invited to the meeting -

All interested competitors are requested to fill out the Meeting Registration form.

The meeting is tentatively scheduled to take place at Canyon's restaurant in Monroe, Washington at a date and time to be announced. Competitors are encouraged to attend in person but a conference call will be set up to allow participation for those who can not travel to the meeting.

Do not miss this chance to learn everything you need to know about the series at this important meeting! Register today.


Evergreen Drift is the Northwest’s Formula Drift Pro-Am Affiliate series located at Evergreen Speedway, the home of Formula Drift’s Seattle round.  Heading into our sixth season, Evergreen Drift’s events include a Formula Drift sanctioned Pro-Am Affiliate championship series, open drift events, a local amateur competition series, and an instructional drifting school. These events provide a complete program for drivers of all skill levels to participate and advance their skills from beginner to professional. Evergreen Drift’s challenging track and competitions attract the best drivers from Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and beyond providing intense drifting action enjoyed by our dedicated fans.

All the latest news and information about the Evergreen Drift program can always be found at

Evergreen Drift | 14405 179th Ave SE | Monroe, WA 98272 | drift(at)


Entering its seventh season, Formula DRIFT is recognized as the North American professional drifting championship. Established on the streets of Japan, drifting has evolved into a worldwide competitive sport that challenges each driver’s driving ability and vehicle control. Formula DRIFT provides a forum for professional drifters to compete in 7 events nationwide for the coveted Formula DRIFT Championship crown. As the first official series in North America, Formula DRIFT has taken competitive motorsports to the extreme attracting fans and car enthusiasts from all walks of life and establishes itself as the global focal point for the Sport. For a race schedule and ticket information, visit:

Please welcome Evergreen Drift's newest sponsor:


Not only will Campbell Nelson Nissan be proving some prizes for our competitions, they have set up a discount code for all Evergreen Drift fans and drivers!

If you need any part from a Nissan dealer call "B" in parts and mention the Evergreen Drift account #10,000.

According to B he'll "slaughter everyone’s pricing with that account number".

B is the man when it comes to help at the parts counter. He knows just about every part number for any  Nissan/Datsun product from the 510 to the 370z off the top of his head. He knows what's up for the common swap parts like 5 lug hubs and is the go to guy to order anything from the NISMO and Nissan Motorsports catalogs.

Most people don't order things like oil filters and other maintenance items from dealers. With how fast drifters go through parts use the Evergreen Drift discount to save big on OEM quality filters and other consumables.

If you are in the market for a new Nissan be sure to stop by Campbell Nelson and let them know you are an Evergreen Drift fan!

Phone: (800) 562-1392 or 425-771-3272
24325 Hwy 99
Edmonds, WA 98026

Guess what? We have another '09 ProAm Nationals Edit!

Grady Nugyen is the equally talented compatriot of the well known photographer Linhberbgh Nguyen and both are partners in the KINOD Collective photography project.

In fact, your's truly hooked Grady up with media credentials at one of his first pro drift shoots at the Formula Drift Red Bull World Drift Championships.

Grady is branching out into the video medium and turned in a top quality and artsy  take on the ProAm Nationals.

Via [Cold Track Days]


Finish your cars, mark your calendars, and beg the boss for time off.

The 2010 Evergreen Drift schedule is HERE!

The cliff's notes for the season include:


  • Evergreen Drift Northwest ProAm Championship - Watch the Northwest's top drifters battle it out on the full 5/8ths Formula Drift spec course in a five round series under the Friday night lights. Both licensed professional drifters and amateur drivers will vie for the the title of Evergreen Drift Northwest ProAm Champion. With a round held in conjunction with the Formula Drift Pro Championship event in July and the finale at the Evergreen State Fair this will be the hottest series in the Northwest. This is a Formula Drift ProAm sanctioned series and the season's top finishing amateur driver will receive a Formula Drift Professional license! Additionally, the amateur drivers that finish the season ranked second through fifth will receive invites to the Formula Drift ProAm nationals for a chance to earn their FD Pro license. There is one more wildcard ProAm Nationals invitation that will be given out at the discretion of Evergreen Drift officials for a total of 5 invites for the season. We're adding a car show hosted by Northwest Nissans and have other plans in the works to make this the place to be on a Friday night.
  • 3/8ths Grassroots Championship - Are you new to drift competitions? Maybe you don't have the budget to build a 400hp ProAm monster car for the 5/8ths. The 3/8ths Grassroots Championship was designed for you. This is a unique three round series allows drivers of all skill levels and car preparation levels to compete inexpensively with an equal shot at the podium. The proven competition rules allow for caged and non caged cars to safely compete head to head by using "Pseudo Tandem" bracket eliminations. Judging is based on how well the driver pushes his car to the limits allowing a beginner in a mildly modified car an equal playing filed against a competitor with a highly modified car. This is a true grassroots series allowing drivers of all experience and modification levels to 'run what you brung' and compete without breaking the bank.
  • Drift School presented by KP Race Engineering - It's been a long time since we've had a drift school but this year we have one on the schedule thanks to support from the guys at KP Race. Stay tuned for more details.
  • Open Drift - Of course we have plenty of Open Drift dates where you can come out enjoy a full day of drifting just for the fun of it or even use it as a test and tune practice session for the comps. Don't miss the crazy multi car tandem mayhem and the 5/8ths bank action.

Evergreen Drift is accepting sponsors for the 2010 season and has promotional packages available to suit any business need. With Evergreen Speedway as our venue your business has the opportunity to not only reach fans of drifting, but all forms of motor sports including everything from NASCAR Late Models to demolition derbies. To learn more about having your business featured at the track with the highest attendance in the Northwest and the home of Formula Drift’s only stop in the Northwest then please email marketing(at) All other inquires should be directed to drift(at)

The 2010 season promises to be better than ever for fans and drivers alike.

Stay tuned to and follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates.

To hold you over until the first event go waste some time at the Evergreen Drift Vimeo Channel (unless your car is still in pieces which means you better get to the garage!!!!!). Be sure to subscribe to get all the latest and greatest Evergreen Drift videos from our outstanding media partners.

We leave you with this motivational message:

AW Films kicks out another quality cut featuring Roland and his 2009 season exploits.

Roland had a busy '09 traveling from Vegas to Willows to Irwindale.

His competition accomplishments included:

Enjoy Abbitt's ode to Roland shredding all last season.

With plenty of raw talent and a high dosages of style Roland is set to kill it in 2010.

Look for him at FD pro events and Evergreen Drift events throughout the year.