December 2009

2009 will be remembered as the year the Northwest burst onto the national drift scene with Evergreen Drift drivers taking home ProAm podium results from Vegas to Irwindale.

Lets take stock of what the Evergreen Drift crew has accomplished for 2009.

Evergreen Drift Championship

The Evergreen Drift Season Championship was won by Peter Funatake. This four round championship pitted all the best Northwest drivers against each other. Peter steadily improved throughout the season starting with a top 16 finish in Round 1, a top 8 finish in Round 2, 3rd place for Round 3, and 1st place for Round 4. This was the right combination to win the championship by 23 points.
Photo Finish Mediapeterfunatakebigbank

In all 59 drivers participated in the Evergreen Drift Championship and their full results can be seen here. These drivers have improved their skills and are the future stars of drifting as they work their way through the ranks.

Las Vegas ProAm

A couple of Evergreen Drift drivers infiltrated the Vegas Drift ProAm. Roland Gallagher qualified 2nd and finished 3rd while Andrew Coomes qualified 3rd and took 4th. Both drivers earned invites to the ProAm Nationals.

2009lvproam_podiumEvergreen Drift ProAm

Next it was Evergreen Drift's turn while we hosted our first ever ProAm competition.

Cyrus Martinez came up from SoCal and beat us but Victor Moore took second and Ian Fournier placed third in front of a packed Formula Drift crowd. All three secured invites to the ProAm Nationals and Trent Stromkins earned the fourth invite.

2009 Evergreen Drift ProAm

In all 14 drivers competed in the first Evergreen Drift ProAm. Many of them will return in 2010 for the expanded Evergreen Drift ProAm Championship Series at Evergreen Speedway.

Formula Drift ProAm National Championship

Finally, six Evergreen Drift drivers invaded ProAm Nationals at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, CA. When the smoke cleared Ian Forunier had became the ProAm National Champion and earned his Formula Drift professional license along with Nikolay Konstantinov, Victor Moore, and Rolland Gallager.

ianproamnatvictorytopcarLife beyond competition -

When not busy competing we had plenty of fun at the open drift events with crazy multi-car tandem and lots of other hoonage.

Check out the Evergreen Drift Vimeo Channel for the best of this seasons action on film. Here are a couple of choice videos that showcase us just having fun.

As the national drift media gathered for the Formula Drift Seattle round several folks took notice and gave props for the high quality builds and "Northwest Style". Sites like and Speedhunters praised Northwest drift machines in several articles. Five northwest cars were nominated for Speedhunters "Street Drift Car of the Year" award. By chance I picked up a copy of the Turkish tuner mag "TR Tuning" at the Istanbul airport and they loved Earl's

Truckasaurus FC so much they ran the same photo twice for their FD Seattle article!

The true power of Evergreen Drift is the dedicated people that come together to make the events happen. Like any other grassroots organization we are one big family and there is nothing we'd rather be doing than hanging out at the track participating in the sport we love.

A big thanks to all the officials, volunteers, media, drivers, and fans that are Evergreen Drift.


Of course we have to thank our sponsors that have supported us and contributed to such great results.

KPR Engineering

kpr_officiallogoLongacre Racing Products

Longacre LogoCanyons Restaurant

canyonslogosmNorthwest Nissans

nwnsmRunning Projects


Thanks to everyone for a killer season. With all the things in the works plus the talent of the Northwest drift community look out for Evergreen Drift in the 2010 season.

All you Evergreen Drift drivers better get working on your winter upgrades so everyone will be locked and loaded come May. You have 5 months so get busy!

All aboard the tandem train for 2010. . .


The Evergreen Drift crew wishes everyone happy holidays and a merry and safe Christmas.


Tire smoke is better than snow. . .

20090816_round3_niko-rolandvictorrolandtandem_evdproamevd_09rnd2_s14evd_tandem_featured_ttstamIan and Roland in tandem battle

Abbitt Wilkerson has had a very productive year attending all the Evergreen Drift events plus some of the other FD and ProAm rounds and turning out quality video edits for each one. This is only Abbitt's second year doing drift videos as he is just 17!


You can view his portfolio on his Vimeo channel - has recently released their top 10 drift videos of the year list.

The videos were chosen "based upon views, buzz, links, quality of production, and entertainment."

Abbitt's 2009 Formula Drift Evergreen Speedway round video came in 9th on a list populated with several professionally produced big budget videos.

The film features equal parts clips of the FD cars as well as scenes from the Evergreen Drift ProAm event with Evergreen Drift local drivers.

Join us in congratulating Abbitt on a fabulous job by watching his award winning video.

AW Films Takes on Formula D Seattle

We can't wait so see what this kid does in 2010!

Our friends at Motor Mavens have a great Bio on long time Evergreen Drift driver Mark Couts.


In the past Mark has had the usual assortment of S chassis cars but now is rolling a E36 BMW.

We look forward to seeing this beautiful car mix it up in tandem mayhem come next season.

Click over to Motor Mavens to read the full bio -

Motor Mavens Mark Couts Bio

Evergreen Drift not only has talented drivers, we have a bunch of talented media guys that crank out the top quality videos after every event.

Guys like -
Abbitt Wilkerson
Brad Valdez
Slideline Northwest
Jon Fromm

These guys spend hours filming and editing so everyone can enjoy some top notch videos. Their effort and dedication to the sport is every bit as involved and important as the drivers and volunteers.

In order to showcase their talent and make a one stop shop to see all the best Evergreen Drift videos we set up an official Evergreen Drift channel on Vimeo.

There are currently over 40 videos spanning the last 3 seasons to keep you busy.

Hit up the Channel @ and be sure to subscribe!

Check out what looks to be the last of the ProAm Nationals videos. This one is from the folks over at

They included Ian Fournier's decisive runs. Wait to the end to see Ian pimping his sponsors and supporters like a true pro.

The good folks over at Speedhunters are gathering votes for their end of the year awards.

Looking at the "STREET DRIFT CAR OF THE YEAR" category list of nominees I found a couple of Northwest familiar faces.

Ian Fournier's Championship Winning Family Sedan

Earls FC Abomination

Earl's FC Abomination

Nikolays lovely RB25DETT 180sx smoke machine

Nikolay's lovely RB25DETT 180sx smoke machine

Chris Scremins SR20ed AE86

Chris Scremin's SR20ed AE86

Curtis Goat from the land of Canada

Curtis Goat from the land of Canada

The ethos of the Street Drift Car of The Year is "cars which carry a torch for true drift style and true drift culture. These machines should still be street legal(ish) in spirit and have oodles of visual presence."

As of this moment Nikolay has a ton of votes and Ian and Earl have a few.

Hop on over to the Speedhunters thread to see the rest of the contestants and put in your vote in the comments section.

"I decided to put together a little DVD, so all the year's videos can be seen from the comfort of your couch. Due to budget restraints, there will be a very limited run of DVD's, so get 'em while they're hot!

These will be $12 a piece, including shipping. Please send payment by way of Paypal to

All proceeds will go toward new equipment to produce better videos!

Thanks for all your support!

This will now be a two DVD set. It turns out the company I'm going through doesn't do dual layer DVD's in such small quantities. It's looking like I'll end up paying twice as much as originally planned and get half the product because all the videos won't fit on one DVD. Lame. Based on this, I'm going to have to make the $12 price only good until the end of the year. After that, I'll have to raise the price a bit if there's still interest.

Again, thanks guys."

- Justin Shreeve - Justin Shreeve Films -

// Help a brother out so we can enjoy even better videos from Justin in 2010.

Ross Fairfield of Dead Pirate Production has released his four minute epic heavy metal tribute to the destruction and power drifting from the ProAm National Championship event.

The video opens with a bang showing the heavy hits from the event including Victor's shunt at 0:07 and Nikolay's tail slide at 0:15.

Max out the volume and let the video assault you full throttle.