November 2009

The Evergreen Drift teams arrived as a very confident bunch with good reason. The drivers had already competed against the best at the Evergreen Drift, Vegas Drift Pro-Am, and other events such as All Star Bash.

This seasoned group of drivers hit the track on Friday afternoon for practice and it was clear from the start that they would not be intimidated by the Irwindale bank.  Everyone was upbeat as all the drivers grew comfortable and figured out how to tackle this challenging course that was put together by Formula Drift chief judge Andy Yen.

All was going well until what looked to be an event ending hit on the inner bank wall for Roland Gallagher. A number of people had counted Roland out after seeing the damage. However, the Evergreen Drift crew was not going to let the weekend end for him. All the teams pitched in parts and labor to get the car rolling again. This allowed Roland's team to get the car to Justin Pawlak's shop where the team worked until 1 AM leaving only a few items to finish up at the track on Saturday morning.

As the sun rose on the practice grid at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale California the confidence that all teams had on Friday was shaken. Victor Moore went out for his first practice run and crashed hard into the wall on the big bank leaving his mark on the famed House of Drift. It was immediately clear after the hit that this would end Victor's weekend. The news didn't get any better in practice as shortly after Victor's trouble Trent Stromkins lost his engine ending his weekend as well.

The remaining drivers had to shake off these incidents and focus on the task at hand as qualifying started immediately after practice. After completely missing practice Roland Gallagher’s car the “Teal Tiger” appeared from behind the wall and took its spot in the qualifying lineup. Roland knew that qualifying would be difficult as the car still had major damage.

The Teal Tiger

The Teal Tiger

Drivers from all across the country began laying down some really impressive runs. The two drivers that really stood out were Ian Fournier and Nikolay "Molatov" Konstantinov. It was clear that after their runs they would make the top 16. Andrew Coomes qualifying runs were good but contained a few corrections that would place him on the bubble.

As drivers, crew, and FD staff gathered for the Top 16 announcement Formula Drift Co-Founder Ryan Sage put on his chef's hat to cook lunch for the masses. After the BBQ JRod announced the results to the large crowd that was eager to find out who would be receiving their Formula Drift professional licenses. The results were good for Evergreen Drift with Nikolay Konstantinov qualifying third just behind Ian Fournier who took the second spot. Immediately after the announcement of the top 16, JRod had another surprise in store. Formula Drift had made the decision to recognize the efforts of three additional drivers with licenses. The fortunes for Victor Moore and Roland Gallagher instantly changed as their names were announced as license recipients.

Nikolay Konstaninov took his place on the grid waiting for the opportunity to thrill the crowd with his take no prisoners style which earned him a new nickname from Formula Drift announcer Jrod. "Molatov" Konstaninov hit the track just as he had done all weekend long, accelerator to the floor and angles that were so steep one could only wonder how any human being wouldn’t spin the car.

Nikolay Molatov Konstaninov in the lead

Nikolay "Molatov" Konstantinov in the lead

Spinning is not what cost him. A second run attempt to step up the speed into the infield resulted in a well executed fifteen foot tail slide along the wall with enough force to lift both rear wheels off the ground. Yet, even with that hit Nikolay was without a doubt a crowd favorite and he earned himself some fans that will be waiting to cheer him on at Long Beach in April.

That left Ian Fournier to carry the fortunes of Evergreen Drift, and he did not disappoint. Run after solid run Ian started marching his way through the brackets until he found himself at the final bracket contending for the win against Mike Pollard from Minnesota.

Ian was chasing on his first run and perhaps made his only mistake of the day when he let the lead car open up a gap that he was not able to close while still maintaining solid line and angle. It left Ian with work to do as the lead car in the second run if he wanted to seal the deal on this trip down from Canada.

Run 1 - Ian working to close the gap

Run 1 - Ian working to close the gap

Ian ripped through the big bank in the lead while Mike Pollard stayed right on his door. Ian floated up the bank to the first critical outer clipping point not letting up through the switch back. The crowd tensed as the drivers rocketed together into the inner bank and charged headlong at the wall in a terminal trajectory. Ian committed the angle, executed a textbook wall tap, and accelerated through the final turns, but Pollard was was no longer on his door.

Pollard and Fournier were equally matched, but that fateful run at the wall was enough for Ian to shake the Minnesotan and take home the title of 2009 Formula Drift Pro Am Champion.



Going . . .

Going . . .



When asked if he thought he had the advantage going into the last run of the day, Ian replied "Absolutely not". "I knew I had to go after the inner wall and tap it with my bumper while at the same time drawing Pollard in with me. I was hoping I could take him to the wall and maybe he would make that one mistake he hadn't made all day".

As the two drivers made their way into Toyota Speedway's victory circle it was clear these competitors had a blast out on the track and developed a lot of respect for each other. Chelesa DeNofa filled out the 3rd place spot and these three collected quite a haul from the many events sponsors: AEM, Brian Cower, Exedy, Eibach springs, High Pro Speed, Motovicity Distribution, Tokico Performance Shocks, Turbonetics, and Wilwood Brakes. After the champagne shower Ian got his first taste of professional stardom as several new fans young and old came up and asked to take a picture with him and his car.



Left to Right - Chelesa DeNofa, Mike Pollard, Ian Fournier

Left to Right - Chelesa DeNofa, Mike Pollard, Ian Fournier

The weekend was a huge success for Formula Drift and the Pro Am program with a strong field of competitors and 19 new licensed drivers. Formula Drift’s genuine dedication to assisting grassroots drifting organizations and drivers succeed through the Pro Am program is a great benefit to the sport of drifting. Evergreen Drift thanks Jim Liaw, Andy Luk, Ryan Sage, Andy Yen, Ernie Fiximer, and the rest of the team for their work on the 2009 Pro Am Championship series. Props to the many Formula Drift drivers that were on hand to offer advice and support to the ProAm drivers: Justin Pawlak, Joon Maeng, Alex Pfeiffer, Ross Petty, Stephan Verdier, Ken Gushi, and Taka Aono. Thanks to Wrecked Magazine for the great ProAm coverage and the pictures for this story.

Drifting fans can look forward to more exceptional drifting in 2010 from the likes of Ian Fournier and Mike Pollard, stars of the Pro Am class of 2009. Watch out Long Beach, there are some new drifters coming to town.

evd_proam_2010_logoEvergreen Drift announces 2010 Pro-Am Affiliate Championship Series sanctioned by Formula Drift at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA

Evergreen Drift is excited to announce plans for the 2010 season that include a Pro-Am championship series sanctioned by Formula Drift.

Evergreen Drift hosted a highly successful Pro-Am event for the first time in 2009. Fourteen drivers took to the track competing for the four available invitations to compete in the Pro-Am National Championship that took place at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale, California this past week. Evergreen Drift was represented by a total of six drivers at Nationals as two of Evergreen’s drivers earned their invitations at the Vegas Drift Pro-Am earlier in the season.

The Formula Drift Pro-Am Nationals was the last stop of the season for the top Pro-Am drivers from across the country where they battled to earn a license to compete in the Formula Drift professional series. Evergreen Drift is very pleased to announce that Evergreen Drift competition veteran Ian Fournier was the overall event winner and Pro-Am National Champion. Of the six drivers representing Evergreen Drift at the 2009 Nationals four earned their professional Formula Drift Championship Series license.

Building on that success Evergreen Drift has been asked to partner with Formula Drift to expand our Pro-Am program for the 2010 season. Evergreen Drift is honored to become a Formula Drift Pro-Am Affiliate Series with a 5 to 6 event Pro-Am championship series held at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington.

The champion of the 2010 Evergreen Drift Pro-Am series will be awarded a Formula Drift professional license and positions 2 through 4 will receive an invite to the Pro-Am National Championship event with one additional wild card invite to be decided by Evergreen Drift.

All Evergreen Drift Pro-Am competitions will take place on Evergreen Speedway’s 5/8’s mile oval, the same track utilized by the professional Formula Drift circuit. This demanding course is a crowd favorite on the Formula Drift calendar with 4th gear 90 mile-per-hour entry speeds and drivers skimming inches from concrete walls which adds up to heart stopping drifting action. The drivers and cars are routinely pushed to the limit and beyond, which makes this track an excellent proving ground for the future stars of the Formula Drift professional series or the amateurs who just want the challenge and excitement of competition drifting.

The series will be governed by the official Formula Drift Pro-Am rules. The Evergreen Drift Pro-Am series competitions will follow the prescribed Pro-Am judged tandem event format. This includes Formula Drift style qualifying and tandem judging. The three member judging team will be led by either an FD judge or an FD approved judge.

Drifting fans will be able to experience the most exciting drifting action in the Northwest and cheer on their favorite local drivers. The backing and resources of the Formula Drift organization adds additional exposure to the series providing increased value to teams and series sponsors.

Evergreen Drift wishes to acknowledge the incredible amount of support we have received from our sponsors without whom this would not have been possible. KPR Engineering is the titled sponsor and has emerged as a powerful force on the Northwest drifting scene. Longacre Racing Products was one of the first to jump behind us with their support. Canyons Restaurant provides us with excellent food and drink as the official after event party spot. Northwest Nissans for their promotion of Evergreen Drift and Running Projects our official media partner who provides us with stellar video work and graphic design.

Evergreen Drift has sponsorship packages available to suit any business need. With Evergreen Speedway as our venue your business has the opportunity to not only reach fans of drifting, but all forms of motor sports including everything from NASCAR Late Models to demolition derbies. To learn more about having your business featured at the track with the highest attendance in the Northwest and the home of Formula Drift’s only stop in the Northwest then please contact Kelly Hale at marketing(at) All other inquires should be directed to drift(at)

Please visit our website at to keep up to date with all news, rules, and information regarding not only the Formula Drift Pro-Am series, but local competitions and open drifting as well.

Affiliates //

  • Formula Drift
  • Pro-Am Championship

Event Sponsors //

  • KP Race Engineering
  • Canyons Restaurant
  • Longacre Racing  Products
  • Northwest Nissans
  • Running Projects

For additional information / media / inquiries contact:


Email: General Inquiries - drift(at) / Marketing & Sponsorship - marketing(at)


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Evergreen Drift is the Northwest’s Formula Drift Pro-Am Affiliate series located at Evergreen Speedway, the home of Formula Drift's Seattle round.  Heading into our sixth season, Evergreen Drift’s events include a Formula Drift sanctioned Pro-Am Affiliate championship series, open drift events, a local amateur competition series, and an instructional drifting school. These events provide a complete program for drivers of all skill levels to participate and advance their skills from beginner to professional. Evergreen Drift’s challenging track and competitions attract the best drivers from Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and beyond providing intense drifting action enjoyed by our dedicated fans.

All the latest news and information about the Evergreen Drift program can always be found at

Evergreen Drift | 14405 179th Ave SE | Monroe, WA 98272 | drift(at)


Entering its seventh season, Formula DRIFT is recognized as the North American professional drifting championship. Established on the streets of Japan, drifting has evolved into a worldwide competitive sport that challenges each driver's driving ability and vehicle control. Formula DRIFT provides a forum for professional drifters to compete in 7 events nationwide for the coveted Formula DRIFT Championship crown. As the first official series in North America, Formula DRIFT has taken competitive motorsports to the extreme attracting fans and car enthusiasts from all walks of life and establishes itself as the global focal point for the Sport. For a race schedule and ticket information, visit:


The video floodgates are officially open.

Check out Robert Strohmeyer's take on the ProAm Nationals proceedings.

The guys at F Records / Photo Finish Media have finished their full length video from the Pro-Am Nationals.

Don't miss the infamous winning wall tap during the final championship run at 1:59.

The child prodigy Abbitt Wilkerson has thrown up quickie teaser while he works on the full length masterpiece.

Enjoy some moving pictures from last weekends ProAm Nationals event.

Soon the video and photos from the ProAm Nationals will be released upon the internets.

To tide you over check out this quick edit from the Friday practice session from Photo Finish Media / F Records.

The results are in from the 2009 Formula Drift ProAm National Championship.

Evergreen Drift drivers left their mark.

Invited to the party:

  • Ian Fournier
  • Nikolay Konstantinov
  • Andrew Coomes
  • Victor Moore
  • Trent Stromkins

Totaled Chassis:

  • Roland Gallagher
  • Victor Moore

Blown Engine:

  • Trent Stromkins

Qualified like champs:

  • Ian Fournier - 2nd
  • Nikolay Konstantinov - 3rd
  • Andrew Coomes - 17th

Got the licenses:

  • Ian Fournier
  • Niklolay Konstantinov
  • Victor Moore
  • Rolland Gallagher


  • Ian Fournier


Hail Canada!

Stay tuned for more video, recaps, and pictures.

Congratulations to all the Evergreen Drift drivers and teams for a great effort and showing at Nationals.


The Evergreen Drift crew is on scene in force

We have a cool banner -


And big stickers for the cars -


Family Portrait -


The ProAm drivers got their first shot at the famous Toyota Speedway course in today's practice dress rehearsal for tomorrow's big showdown.

The big news is that all drivers who qualify for the to 16 will receive their Formula Drift professional license. With 22 drivers some guys will not make it this year so the pressure is on to qualify well.

The Northwest drivers were holding it down in practice and growing comfortable with the track by the end of the session.

The only carnage was Roland Gallagher who spun coming into the inner bank and hit the wall on the drivers side. The car suffered some damaged rear control arms, some bent sheet metal, and damaged wheels. FD pro and all around drift gangster Justin Pawlak let Roland and his crew use his shop to get the car ready for qualifying tomorrow so the Teal Tiger will  be ready for battle.

The Photo Finish Media crew is on hand and provided us with some teaser pics of the Evergreen Drift drivers from practice. Check back for a video and  more photos after the event.

Andrew Coomes


Victor Moore and Trent Stromkins


Trent again


Roland Gallagher


Nikolay Konstantinov - Just happy to be going fast and making smoke


A big thanks to the FD crew for running the practice. It was awesome to see Andy Luk and Jim Liaw out shagging cones. Mad respect.

Come on out to Toyota Speedway tomorrow and watch the show. Gates open at 10AM - Full details here.

The biggest event of the year for the up and coming drifters is happening this weekend.

The best drivers from all over the country who qualified at the various Pro-Am events will converge on Toyota Speedway in Irwindale California this Saturday (11/21). Everyone will be gunning for glory and dogfighting for the golden tickets to compete in the Formula Drift pro series next year.

The Evergreen Drift drivers will represent the Northwest in force with 6 drivers from Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia. These guys have had tons of seat time on Evergreen Speedways huge 5/8th mile oval which should give them confidence when charging into the House Of Drift's famous high speed 1/2 mile bank.

Here is a run down and spotters guide for the Evergreen Drift crew (in no particular order).

Victor Moore


  • From - Port Orchard, WA
  • Car - KP Race S14
  • Bio - Victor is a Pro-Am nationals veteran having been lucky enough to compete at the Pro-Am held during the 2008 Red Bull World Drift Championship event. Victor didn't earn a license that day but he is back stronger than ever and ready to earn his license. He is backed by KP Race Engineering, the same team that has tuned and run Tommy Suell's rocket ship of an AE86 this season in FD. His S14 is professionally set up, has tons of steering angle, and his support team is FD experienced.
  • Stats - 2008 Evergreen Drift Champion. 2009 Evergreen Drift #2. 2009 Evergreen Drift Pro-Am #2
  • Sponsors - KP Race Engineering, Advanced Street Performance, Hankook Tires, Maaco, Racetech

Ian Fournier


  • From - Abbotsford,  B.C. CANADA!
  • Car - R32 Nissan Skyline (4 Door Family Sedan)
  • Bio - Everyone loves Ian's car, the smoke it makes, and his aggressive driving. He always is on the high line with the throttle pinned. He and Trent make up the Drift Safari duo and what we like to call 'Team Canada'. The Drift Safari boys are super dedicated and traveled 3 hours and a boarder crossing 1 way down to practically Evergreen Drift event this season. They were the first ones putting in the practice laps on the 5/8ths this season and have the most practice of all the drivers. The work payed off for Ian with a podium finish at the Evergreen Drift ProAm event. Look for Ian to put in a good showing on the Irwindale bank.
  • Stats - 2008 Evergreen Drift #6. 2009 Evergreen Drift #6. 2009 Evergreen Drift Pro-Am #3
  • Sponsors - The Skyline Shop, Wheels West, Drivers Edge Autosports

Trent Stromkins

Trent Stromkins


  • From - Chilliwack, B.C., CANADA!
  • Car - Toyota Corolla - AE86 Hatch with S14 SR20DET
  • Bio - Trent Is the other half of the Drift Safari crew. This tight team has what it takes to go pro and make it to events and deliver results. Trent's long time yellow AE86 coupe met with some trouble mid season and so he did a chassis swap in 9 days including a new cage to his current burgundy hatch. The S14 SR20DET under the hood is lightly tuned and set up for reliability to ensure the car lasts to the final round.
  • Stats - 2008 Evergreen Drift #8. 2009 Evergreen Drift #3. 2009 Evergreen Drift Pro-Am Top 8
  • Sponsors - Wheels West, Work Wheels Japan, Drivers Edge Autosports, ShowStoppers USA

Andrew Coomes

Photo Credit: Photo Finish Media


  • From - Portland, OR
  • Car - Nissan 240SX - S13 with SR20DET
  • Bio - Andrew get the 'Most Improved' award for 2009. His first season of drift competition was '08 in a ratty Corolla coupe. He was bitten by the bug and traded up to a well built S13 in '09 and it was just what he needed to show his rapidly developing talent. Andrew has a great pit crew of friends and family that support him at every event. He went down to the Vegas Drift ProAm and got 4th place while battling overheating issues and earning an invite to the Nationals. Back at the ranch he got knocked out in the great 8 at the Evergreen ProAm. Andrew is focused and with a great team behind him has what he needs to do well at the Nationals.
  • Stats - 2008 Evergreen Drift #82. 2009 Evergreen Drift #4. 2009 Vegas Drift Pro-Am #4. 2009 Evergreen Drift Pro-Am Great 8
  • Sponsors - Photo Finish Media, F Records, K&N Filters, Unnatural Inc

Rolland Gallagher

Photo Credit: Photo Finish Media


  • From - Bothell, WA
  • Car - Nissan 240SX - S13 Newport Green with SR20DET
  • Bio - Roland and his super style car are already well known and have achieved some internet stardom. The cool thing is that he has the skill to back up the style.  Roland has only has one mode - Maximum Attack. His tandem battles always bring the crowd to their feet as he trails his opponent with mere feet to spare from initiation to to finish line. Don't miss a single one of Roland's runs if you want to see some awesome action.
  • Stats - 2008 Evergreen Drift #2. 2009 Evergreen Drift #5. 2009 Vegas Drift Pro-Am #3, 2009 Evergreen Drift Pro-Am Top 4
  • Sponsors - Garage Autohero, K&N Filters

Nikolay Konstantinov

Photo Credit: Y. Shindo


  • From - Lynnwood, WA
  • Car - Nissan 240SX - S13 with RB25DETT
  • Bio - Nikolay is one of the drifting godfathers of the Northwest. He was part of the original group of drifters that organized events in Washington. He went on a hiatus as his car went through a 2 year rebuild into it's present state. His 180sx with a UP Garage special recipe RB25 and RB26DETT twin turbos setup puts down over 400HP with no lag. With the new whip finished he has jumped back in the the game with the goal of playing with the Pros.  His motto is "Go for speed" and his super smooth style and aggressive door to door tandem car control skills make him a crowd favorite and podium contender.
  • Stats - 2009 Evergreen Drift #10. 2009 Evergreen Drift Pro-Am

And one more honorable mention. While Cyrus Martinez is a SoCal guy he did earn his invite at the Evergreen Drift Pro-Am by winning. He overcame competitors with a huge home course advantage and a big crash in practice to beat the Evergreen Drift boys in their own house. Cyrus is a great guy and we loved having him compete with us but there are a few drivers looking for redemption and a chance for a re-match!

Good luck to all the competitors from across the country.

Be sure to stop by our pits and say hi.