September 2009

The results are in for Round 4 of the Evergreen Drift Championship!


  1. Peter Funatake - $200
  2. Nikolay Konstantinov - $150
  3. Chris Scremin - $120
  4. Trent Stromkins - $50 Longacre Racing Product Certificate

Full detailed results for the event can be found on the Round 4 Results page.

The full championship standings are here.

Congratulations to the 2009 Evergreen Drift champion Peter Funatake!

Presented by:

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Drivers // Open Drifts RULE.

Fans // Come watch 10+ tandem trains and watch us spin out all siiiickkk.

Details //

* Date - 9-20-2009

* Location - Evergreen Speedway at the fairgrounds in Monroe, WA

* Drifting from 11am to 5pm

* Pit gate opens at 10am

* Drivers - $80

* Pit pass - $22

* Grandstands - $10 (Kids under 12 Free!)

Full event information is on the Registration Page

Additional info for:

* Spectators

* Drivers

* Volunteers

* Media

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After the event is over be sure to head over to Canyons in Monroe for
the after party with the drivers and Evergreen Drift staff!

- Official After Party of Evergreen -

Round 4 was sweet. Thanks to everybody who helped make it happen, and congratulations to peter, nikolay and chris, the 1-2-3- finishers from the day.

ALSO congratulations to peter, victor, and t-strom for finishing out the season like true champs. it was a good one, and we're all hyped for next year.

this is where i would normally post photos, but NOBODY has put up ANY media from this event EXCEPT photo finish, whose flash site does not facilitate linking.


if you want to see pictures, you have to go to their site, at (which you should do).

until next time, keep it sick.

p.s. if you weren't planning on going to open drift this weekend, you need to change your plans. chuuuuch.

was way fun, even if there were no teams or competitions whatsoever.

Thanks to all the workers and the people who showed up and drove. For those who didn't, you missed out big. Track time for DAYS.

A little love from Brad Elder:

seacrest out