August 2009

Think your drift crew's the BEST in the NorthWEST?

Well then...

You better run, you better do what you can.

Don't wanna see no blood, don't be a macho man.

You wanna be tough, better do what you can.

Sooo...y'all better register for the upcoming Evergreen Drift Team Drift Comp on Friday, September 4th, 2009.

Drivers and Teams //

* Assemble your crew of 2-3 car teams, with at least 2 of the cars being tandem-capable .

* Register your team name and drivers' list by email/pm'ing me at:

Details //

* Date - Friday - 9/4/2009

* Location - Evergreen Speedway at the fairgrounds in Monroe, WA

* Drifting from 4pm to 10pm

* Pit gate opens at 3pm.

* Drivers/Team Meeting at 3:40pm.

* Drivers - $100

*NO SPECTATORS allowed in the pits. Drivers and minimal crew only. NO PITS PASSES FOR THIS EVENT.

- This is due to the event being the same day as the Evergreen State
Fair, so you WILL be able to purchase a combo Fair Admission /
Grandstands ticket.

Full driver information is on the Registration Page

Additional info for:

Judging //

* Judging format will be similar to the regular competition
days, but will be adjusted to include audience reaction since the event
WILL be on the day as the Evergreen State Fair. There WILL be a larger
sized crowd than normal, watching you guys spin out all siiickkk.

Media //

*All prospective media (photographers AND videographers)
that are interested in shooting the event, please email me with your
first and last name, your website/portfolio, and equipment, for media
passes at:

See y'all at the track!
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Official After Party of Evergreen Drift

Meet us at Canyons in Monroe after the event for some great food and good times! Everyone is invited. Directions and Details

Justin Shreeve has teamed up with Motor Mavens and kicked out a very well done video of the 8/16 Open Drift

Justin drove all the way up from Southern Oregon to Evergreen Speedway (4.5 hours 1 way!) just to film us sliding around. Thanks Justin and keep up the good work.

Check out his post for for his take on the video.

Another hot joint fresh off the tracks by A.W. Films.

Nikolay has been a constant face in the NW drift scene since its beginnings, so this driver profile has been a long time coming.

He has recently just finished building the car earlier this year, just in time to drive and showcase it for Formula D Seattle's Pro-Ams.


Earl Smith


Darren McArdel

Much love for my fellow COMRADE...keep on rocking the free world!!!

We just got word that grandstands admissions will be free for everyone at this Fridays open drift!!!!

If you haven't made it out to an event this year this is the perfect way to spend a Friday night. Forget spending $50 on a movie an popcorn and watch some hard driving action.

Driving starts at 6pm and goes till 10. Just show up at the Evergreen Stage fairgrounds in Monroe and follow the tire smoke to the big grandstands.

Full event information such as directions can be found in the Event Post.


When it comes to drifting videos Joshua Herron is in a league of his own. His cut on the Seattle FD and ProAm at Evergreen Speedway is top shelf and pushes the cinematography envelope further than ever.

Evergreen Drift ProAm driver cameos include:

  • Roland Gallagher - 0:08
  • Nikolay Konstantinov - 0:26
  • Angry Earl's world famous FC Truckasauras - 0:37
  • Chris Jeanneret - 0:41
  • Roland (again!) - 1:31
  • Cyrus Martinez tandem crash from Friday practice with Nikolay skilfully avoiding the carnage. Cyrus was able to replace the broken front control arms just in time to make qualifying.  - 2:01
  • Ian Founier- 2:45

The crazy thing is if you didn't know these were ProAm drivers you'd be forgiven for thinking they were FD pros. Watch out - the Northwest is coming for you. . . .

Enjoy ~

Formula D Seattle "Breaking Point" (clean version) from Joshua Herron on Vimeo.


Coming straight off of Round 3 get ready for open drift this Friday 8/21.

Drivers // Beg or borrow some tires and come out for some Friday night action. Open drift events have been crazy with tons of run time (20+ runs at the last event).  Open drift events all about fun with 6 car tandems and 5/8ths action! Kick off work early and start the weekend right!

Fans // Spend Friday night with us and watch the Northwest's finest drifters put on the best showcase of local talent in the Northwest. UPDATE! The owner went crazy and there is free grandstands admission this Friday. If you haven't been out yet check us out!

Details //

Full event information is on the Registration Page

Additional info for:

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After the event is over be sure to head over to Canyons in Monroe for the after party with the drivers and Evergreen Drift staff!

Official After Party of Evergreen Driftcanyonslogosm

Round 3 had hands down the best tandem battles yet witnessed at an Evergreen Drift competition. Last season it wasn't until the top 4 bracket did the tandem action start to get intense. This year, with the drivers and their cars advancing at a rapid pace the competition gets crazy at the great 8.

After a overcast and gray week Sunday brought clear sky and 70 degree temps. Perfect for a day at the track.


During the driver's meeting Chief Judge Chris Emory instructed everyone to get as high up on the bank as possible for the best score. Many drivers obliged sliding at 60mph with their rear wheels just feet from the edge of the track.

Here Nikolay and Peter are mixing it up at the top.


My personal high line award goes to Rob Primo. First off, Primo was driving his 'street car' which is a RHD converted with bone stock SR that is still running OEM sidemount intercooler. We now call him 'Commander Primo' as he has a brand new white drivers suit with his name and the US flag embroidered on the waste band which makes him look like the worlds tallest astronaut. It was quite a site to see 'Commander Primo' in a full race suit in his street car!

Anyways, during the top 16 round Rob was taking the high line literally. The last 1/4 of the bank he did a tail slide with both wheels off in the dirt and his frame rails scraping on the pavement edge! The amazing thing was he continued his drift with perfect speed and angle and completed a the rest of the run flawlessly!

No picture of the tail slide but but here is Commander Primo working all 200hp to the max.


The high line got really crazy in the free runs after the competition with every other driver dirt dropping the bank at full speed. I haven't seen any photos yet of the dirt drops so photags - post them if you got them. I predict that more and more drivers will be going for the 'dirt drop' for the ultimate gangster line.

When we got to the top 8 the non-tandem drivers had been eliminated setting the sage for the best tandem battles of the year.

Trent Stromkins leads Victor Moore


Every competitor was going all out and there were so many rounds with the chase car only feet away from the lead car's door from initiation to the last clip.


This was Nikolay's first Evergreen Drift local competition in the now famous RB 180sx. Nikolay was putting on an insane smoke show and was having to do tire changes after 4 or 5 runs!


The top 4 finishers were sent out for a 4 car tandem victory lap.


After a ton of super close battles the Victor Moore emerged the winner of the day!


Victor dedicated the win to his grandfather who passed away just the day before the event. The Evergreen Drift staff gives our condolences to the Moore family.


The top 4 for Round 3 and their spoils!

  1. Victor Moore - $200
  2. Roland Gallagher - $150
  3. Peter Funatake - $120
  4. Nikolay Konstantinov - Longacre Racing Product Certificate

Full results and the updated season standings can be found in the results post.

Winning round 3 keeps Victor Moore in the championship lead. With only 1 more round to go can Victor hold on and become a repeat champion? One things for sure, he'll have to earn it as the other drivers won't let up one bit and anything can happen!

Whatever you do, don't miss the Evergreen Drift Championship finale on September 13th!

Thank you to David Hintze of Gwag Design for the awesome photos.

Event Photo Galleries and Coverage -

The results are in for Round 3 of the Evergreen Drift Championship!


  1. Victor Moore - $200
  2. Roland Gallagher - $150
  3. Peter Funatake - $120
  4. Nikolay Konstantinov - $50 Longacre Racing Product Certificate

Full detailed results for the event can be found on the Round 3 Results page.

The full championship standings are here.

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Ross Fairfield aka Dead Pirate productions now has his Seattle Round 5 video available to the masses.  Yet another quality edit to please the people and it has plenty of great ProAm clips and cameos of Evergreen Drift staff.

Have a watch and see if you made the final cut!