June 2009

Jay's Mazda RX7 Drifting 420WHP from Bryan Dudas on Vimeo.

Great video by Bryan Dudas with Jay Lawlor's Mazda RX7. Keep up the good job Jay, we hope to see you caged real soon. Keep tearing it up.

In the past seasons all the events were on Friday's and we drifted under the big Speedway lights. This year we've moved to Sundays to gain a lot more time to drift but the events end before sundown due to noise ordinances.

On the 12th we had the only Friday event on the schedule this year and were able to return to our roots with some night drifting.

The event was lightly attended due to the 6pm start time so everyone got tons of runs.

We invited all the drivers who are going to the Evergreen Drift ProAm to come and take extra runs on the full FD spec 5/8ths course and a few showed up for the practice.

Fresh Blood //

Nick Jimenez took his first ever runs on the 5/8ths. He had a couple of close calls including this one but managed to make it with no damage.


Prior to this he was scraping the wall full throttle and full lock. This is where you want to be on the 5/8ths!

20090613_nickjwallrideReturing OG's //

Nikaloy is as OG as it gets in NW drifting and he's been building his RB26DETT 180sx forever. He took her on the maiden voyage and exhibited the classics Nikolay style of high speed smoked out drifting. Unfortunately the headgaset went and he fried a piston causing the engine to smoke as much as the tires forcing an early retirement. Hopefully Nikoaly can get it fixed quickly and get back on track.


Matt Panic! showed up from whatever he's been doing in Portland and took a few laps in Kelly Thorpe's 20v corolla.

20090613_mattpanic08Tandem //

Dear photographers. Please photograph more tandem! The only tandem pic to surface so far is this Team Instant Party number. Roland is a machine and loves to initiate 2 feet away from the lead car and gave us the best tandem of the night!

20090613_iptandem07Team Canada //

The Drift Safari crew has been showing up and owing the 5/8ths (usually by default) all season. Ian was the lone representative of Team Canada this day but he made the trip well worth it with some sick high speed 5/8ths runs.

20090613_driftsafariian03Carnage //

The divers have been pushing harder and harder and there have been a few casualties along the way.

First was Battle House Ian looping it at the end of the 3/8ths and backing it into the wall resulting a well executed Missile conversion. At least he was able to drift the rest of the night!


Chris Jeanneret of KP Race has been having some mechanical issues of late. A few events ago his brand new one piece driveshaft broke a U joint when doing a warm up burnout prior to a 5/8ths run. Today, his custom intake manifold on his SR20DET with a SR20VE head conversion decided to crack giving him a massive boost leak making further drifting pointless.

Chris is a serious contender so look for some good performances once all the mechanical issues are sorted out. Just look at all that angle from those modified KP Race uprights!


The last run of the night was taken by this 350z pilot who was getting more confident on the 3/8ths but ended up spinning out at the end of the bank and hitting the wall hard with a double tap to the front and back. The driver was ok so the tow truck was called but we had hit the curfew so everyone packed up and went home!

20090613_35001Drifting Tip//

To avoid hitting the wall don't lift for anything at the end of the 3/8ths until you are off the banking. If you are going to spin it is better to say on the throttle and steer into the turn so your rear doesn't unweight and slingshot you straight into the wall.

To see the rest of the photos check these links.

Thanks to all our photographers! Hopefully we'll see some video soon.

A big thanks to all the volunteers, drivers and fans from Evergreen Drift.

See you at the next one!


Join us for a Father's Day open drift. FathersĀ  admission to the grandstand is just $5! Forget that 'World Greatest Dad' coffee mug you were going to give him and bring the family out to see some smoke and tandem drifting action!

Drivers // Come ready to have fun and put on a show. Multi-car tandem and 5/8ths for qualified drivers strongly encouraged! Only 2 events remaining before ProAm counting this one so get your practice in!

Fans // come on out and watch the Northwest's finest drifters put on the best showcase of local talent in the Northwest.

Details //

Full driver information is on the Registration Page

Additional info for:

Open drift events this year have been awesome with tons of run time for everyone. Don't miss the action!

After the event is over be sure to head over to Canyons in Monroe for the after party with the drivers and Evergreen Drift staff!

Official After Party of Evergreen Driftcanyonslogosm

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Evergreen Drift is pleased to announce a new supporter!

After a long hard day at a drift event there is nothing better than kicking back with food, drinks, and your buddies for some bench racing and and tales of drifting awsomeness.

Canyons in Monroe has stepped up as a sponsor and is the official after party of Evergreen Drift!


After every event head over to Canyons for some great food and drinks. Staff, drivers, and fans are all welcome to come and party it up Evergreen Drift style!

Canyons is just across form Fred Meyers off of HWY 2. Check their website for directions and take a look at their awesome menu.


See you at the after party!

AW Films is at it again serving up the action from the 5/30 open drift event.

There is plenty of 5/8ths goodness showing a small preview of what can be expected at the upcoming 5/8ths practice night on 6/12.

Evergreen Drift May 31, 2009 - Open Drift from Abbitt Wilkerson on Vimeo.


This event will be a special Friday night open drift and a chance for the 5/8th drivers to get some seat time on the big track to help prepare for the Formula Drift ProAm competition in August. Don't miss this chance to see the best in the Northwest dicing it up on the big bank under the lights at night!

Drivers // This will primarily be a 5/8ths practice. 5/8ths drivers don't need to preregister but there is a 25 drivers cap for 3/8ths drivers and all 3/8ths drivers must pre-register to drive in this event. See the Registration page for full details.

Fans // come on out and watch the Northwest's finest drifters put on the best showcase of local talent in the Northwest. The more you cheer the crazier the drivers get!

Details //

Full driver information is on the Registration Page

Additional info for:

Open drift events this year have been awesome with tons of run time for everyone. Don't miss the action!

See you at the track!

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