April 2009

Here are the results from Evergreen Drift Championship Round 1 competition.

Evergreen Drift - 2009 Round 1 Podium

Evergreen Drift - 2009 Round 1 Podium

1st Ian Fournier
2nd Victor Moore
3rd Trent Stromkins
4th Zach Hornberger

Top Qualifier: Victor Moore

2009 Season Standings

Round 1 Detailed Results
Check out the photos at these locations:

Griffin Ross

Gaelen Norman

Yoshi Shindo

Afro Matt

Ian and Roland in tandem battle

Ian and Roland in tandem battle

Photo: Adam Subitch

Round 1 Qualifying Scores

Car # Driver Score Car # Driver Score
23 Victor Moore 90 114 BrendanTherriault 54
64 Ian Fournier 83 52 Mike Philips 43
34 Peter Funatake 82 112 Andrew Coomes 41
111 Chris Jeanneret 82 177 Pete Shroeder 40
137 Artur Sarkissian 76 81 Russell O'Connell 38
36 Chris Scremin 76 4 Mark Couts 37
99 Roland Gallagher 75 140 Scott Goodman 34
93 Gleb Antanov 74 132 Kyle Flammang 29
54 Earl Smith 72 6 Tony Carreon 29
25 Tyler Archuleta 72 68 Roland Edgar 25
187 Ryan Massrey 69 129 Garrett Therriault 17
94 Ricky Henderson 68 40 Julia O'Connell 10
147 Zach Hornberger 67 22 Eddi Hughes 0
100 Trent Stromkins 66 104 Jai Flores 0
66 Walker Wilkerson 65 15 Jay Lawlor 0
76 Justin Elin 64 32 Kelly Thorpe 0
133 Pat Lee 63 125 Nathan Randal 0
8 Nick Jimenez 62 56 Tyler Kabe 0
7 Rob Primo 60 146 Steven Thompson 0
135 Dustin King 57

Siam's S13 - Snap back understeer. :( Best of wishes.

Danny Sullivan and Yoshi Shindo hit the track last Sunday to cover the Evergreen Drift open practice session. With Round 1 of the Evergreen Drift Championship coming up fast on April 26th, drivers get their last second 6 hour practice in. The event was packed full of Pink Power Ranger action (Ms. Laura Lee), Team Instant Party and Drift Safari invasion.

img_0079Laura Lee, Track Puppy and the ZTune.ca S14 Powered by RB25DET!

I spoke with Laura Lee, the stunt driver / double from Vancouver B.C.  I sat in shotgun and interviewed her at starter grid, and briefly discussed her plan of approach on the bank. Being her second event at Evergreen, she was still getting use to her ZTune.ca built S14. Her first approach was in 2nd gear through the 3/8ths bank. I gave her a little boost of confidence, insuring that she needs to be in 3rd gear. She opted to it, and her second run, she sailed through the 3/8ths bank at around 62mph, hitting power alley a little hesitant. Laura stated, "not to sure about transferring" -being that drivers have to transition corner 1 and 2 by down shifting into second. Overall, she's hanging with the guys, learning her new S14. The guys at ZTune.ca did a great job!

Team Canada aka Drift Safari Ready Up

Over in the Drift Safari pit, they were missing Trent Stromkins in the SRrolla, due to transmission failure from last Friday's Canadian drift event in B.C. I approached Ian Fournier this Sunday for a live interview on starter grid. Ian explained that he was rolling with the R33 Series 2 RB25DET with all the neccessary hardward to pitch this slick 4dr around on the 5/8ths. I will tell you this: Ian Fournier's R32 is top notch, it feels good through the corners with a no slop policy.

img_0100Team Instant Party - Gleb Antonav GTA's the Bothel High School Golf Cart!

Gleb Antonav took me out for a spin in the Widebody S13, featuring a fully built SR20DET, controlled by an Apex'i Power FC with Commander, laying down black tar @ 350whp. We're guessing this S13 is under 2500lbs. It's one of the quickest accellerating S13's at this track, featuring the BN Sports Ferrari Hatch. Does that make it any faster? Jawlz.

Media Coverage!

Danny Sullivan hits the track!

Yoshi Shindo's Photobucket


Behind The Scenes @ Evergreen Drift w. Eddi Hughes


The time is upon us - The start of Evergreen Drift's 5 round season championship.

Be there on Sunday 4/26 to watch the season kickoff for the 2nd annual championship series.

Drivers will test their skills and battle for points on the road to becoming the Evergreen Drift Champion.

Event Info //

* Date - 4/26/09
* Location - Evergreen Speedway at the fairgrounds in Monroe, WA
* Drifting from 11am to 5pm
* Pit gate opens at 9am and close at 12pm
* Drivers - $100
* Pit pass - $30
* Grandstands - $10 (Kids under 12 Free!)

Full driver information is on the Registration Page.

Last year Victor Moore provided the consistent high quality runs required to become the 2008 champion and earn an invite to the Formula Drift ProAm qualifier in Long Beach.

This year the talent is better than ever, the cars are more extreme, and the action will be more intense with changes to the competition format.

Changes for this year include:

Two Classes >

// 5/8th class - Tandem battles on the full sized FD course. 80 MPH 4th gear entry speeds and no room for mistakes with the best drivers in the Northwest gunning for ProAm glory.

// 3/8ths class - This class gives all skill levels a chance to compete. If you can pass tech you have a shot at winning. For those who do not have a cage and cannot tandem our Pseudo Tandem elimination format allows all drivers the opportunity to compete head to head in bracket eliminations with a shot at the podium.

// Top 32 Tandem - We are expanding from top 16 to top 32 bracket eliminations. That means more head to head competition and a bigger gauntlet for the top guns to reach the podium.

When the tire smoke settles trophies, cash, and product certificates will be awarded to the top 4 finishers  and top qualifier in each class.

Ditch that boring baseball game and come watch Evergreen Drift drivers put on a killer show.

Don't believe it? Watch Abbitt Wilkerson video from the Round 3 of 2008 for proof.

Evegreen Drift Event September 1st, 2008 from Abbitt Wilkerson on Vimeo.

Presented by:

Less Schwab Logo

Longacre Logo


This Sunday is the last open drift session before the start of the 2009 Evergreen Drift championship series.

Drivers // get in gear and take advantage of the last chance to dust off your skills and shake down your winter builds before the competition hits.

Fans // come on out and watch the Northwest finest drifters going at it.

Details //

Full driver information is on the Registration Page

The last event was a ton of fun with LOTS of runs for all. If you are a 5/8ths driver get on out as the Canadians were lonely out there.

See you at theTrack!

Thanks to our sponsors:

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Longacre Logo

On April 5th, Earl Smith from Comrades and Drift Office took me for a spin in the new Drift Office S13. Earl's going all the way in 2009, retiring the lovely RX7 and picking up something with a little bit more torque. I asked him on the starting grid during the live interview, "Earl, whats the big difference between the S13 and your FC?" Earl responded, "It's like my RX7 hyped up on steroids."

With a swapped in SR20DET, they bolted on a 2871R, popped in 550ccinjectors and topped it off with a Enthalpy Rom Tune. The piping features a Tial BOV, Intake and Greddy FMIC. The team at Drift Office did a good job with this SR. On the dyno, they threw down impressive numbers, pushing out 334hp and 248lbs of torque.



Photo by Danny Sullivan


  • SR20DET
  • 2871R
  • 550cc Injectors
  • Enthalpy ROM Tune
  • Tial BOV
  • Intake
  • Greddy FMIC


  • Exedy 3-puck
  • Kaaz 2-way


  • Tanabe Sustec Pro 7 Coilovers
  • Subframe spacers
  • Traction rods


  • Full Vertex Aero
  • Altezza Tailights (I insisted)

If you have any questions about aftermarket products and recommendations, feel free to contact Bob at Drift Office.

If you are a local driver, feel free to submit specs, photos and video to: hughes@nissanpacific.com

Drift Office
Suite #6 4040 Auburn Way North
Auburn, Wa 98002
Tel: 253 520 3888

Abbitt is at it again, as he collaberates with local drivers, Team Instant Party, to throw together a short flick. Some of the footage was clocked at the April 5th event, enjoy!

Drivers Featured: Walker Wilkerson, Mark Couts, Roland Gallagher, and Gleb Antonov!

Team Instant Party Promo from Abbitt Wilkerson on Vimeo.

As many of you know, I covered the event Sunday April 5th via Twitter with behind the scene pictures. Meanwhile, Yoshi Shindo followed up on all the action by posting photos on his Flickr. Check'em out below or click here.

If you haven't caught the Twitter bug, I'd advise you to stay away. But if you feel like following me on Twitter, by all means.

Saturday April 4th, I decided to buy an iPhone. Now I'll be eating Ramen and rice for a while, as I save up for my coilovers. I figured out that the App TwitterFon enables users to take photos with the camera and tweet them out. The announcers, Matt Risher and Ross Churlin were up in the booth getting live updates as I posted photos. If you were spectating in the grand stands, you probably heard me giving interviews and live commentary mid-drift. I apologies in advanced if I slurred my words, I couldn't keep my breath.

This here is Ian Fournier, he's 21, drives for Team Canada (Drift Safari), TheSkylineShop.com and DriversEdgeAutosport.com - As you can tell, he's passionate about this sport.

Give credit to Walker Wilkerson, Mark and Gleb Antonav keep giving it their all. Team Instant Party is here to stay.

Nick, aka "Kiwi Killer" qualifies for Hellaflush, the problem is trying to get him on the site. Fail

Who's this!? AngryEarl Smith in an S13!?

Gleb "Smoke for Days" Antonav rocking the widebody 180sx, waiting on paint.

This here is Trent Stromkins of Drift Safari, he drives for ShowStoppersUSA.com WheelsWest.ca TechnoToyTuning.com DriversEdgeAutosport.com - in the SR-Rolla, believe me: it's fast!

The Drivers Meeting, 10:45AM Sharp!

If your serious, and you want in at ProAm, you'll want to learn how to drift the "Big Boys Bank" aka 4th gear on the 5/8ths. Dress code strictly enforced.

Roland Gallagher of Team Instant Party not drifting, he's just mean muggin.

Trent's tire after 4 runs on the 5/8ths. These tires are totaled out.

Gaelen Norman from GaelenNorman.ca and covering the event.

Earl Smith from Drift Office and Tire Dogs locked & loaded!


Here's the Mad JDM Solution.

How do you like the BN Sport Ferrari Hatch on a true 180SX? According to BN Sports Japan, there were only 10 Ferrari Hatch's imported into the U.S.

Matt Risher, Ross Churlin, Tristan and Nicolai up in the announcers booth enjoying the view.

Well, lets just say this. April 19th is the next Open Drift event, April 26th is Round 1 of the Evergreen Drift Championship. To all the spectators, drivers, sponsors and Johnson Productions, thank you!